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      Are there any solutions for 'getting' the item renderers from a datagrid column?

      I have a method on an item renderer that I would like to expose for other columns in the grid to use without those columns using the renderer (lots of baggage). It seems like a waste to have to write yet another renderer for each of the columns that exposes this method. In addition, what if I want to call the renderer's method based off of data in another column that the renderer doesn't have access to?

      The 1st column has my renderer and if the user double clicks the column, my event handler is provided the item renderer in the ListEvent event result. However, if someone double clicks a different column, the listEvent provides the renderer for that column, when I need the 1st columns renderer.

      Is there a way to 'get' the renderer?

      I've tried referencing the datagrid column that has the item renderer, but it generates the class at it's own will. I can generate a new renderer from that gridcolumn's generator, but I need the one that holds the data as the one I get back from the ListEvent does. Is this possible?