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    Different browsers - hyperlink displaying issues - using CS4

    Andy Ride the Hill

      Hi all,


      I am using Dreamweaver CS4 on Windows 7 (whether that makes any difference to my point?)


      I have developed the following site - http://www.ridethehill.com


      I am completely self taught and as a result, I am stuck on this problem.


      As my site is on a green background, I have opted for a white, bold font for the text. As a result of this, all my text hyperlinks are in white (underlined) too, again, this is fine for me.




      The buttons I have made down the left hand side ad the header all rely on links for navigation around my site. In Google Chrome and Safari it looks fine, but in Firefox and IE a square box (suggesting a link) appears around the buttons............. which looks rubbish.........


      How do I remove these boxes in Firefox and IE so it looks like it should (in Chrome and Safari)??


      Again, might be a stupid question, but as I said, Im self taught and learning as I go..



      Any feedback on the site, comments or answers on my question would be amazing.


      Cheers for reading this.