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    Drawing Chat in Flash


      Hi Everyone,


      Firstly, I tried a lot of google-ing AND searching in this forums but did not find anything like what I want to do, so Here I am.


      I want to make a chat program like flash application, BUT, instead of all the text and smileys, I want a common board where two users (or more) will be able to draw simultaneously (from their own computers, in different locations) and the modification on each side will be (almost) instantly be reflected for everyone else.


      Suppose there are 3 people from England, New York and USA all in my website, we are seeing this whiteboard flash application and if I draw anything in there with my mouse, it will be reflected on their side (sort of like Yahoo Doodle)


      I tried making a basic paint program with few colors, no problem with that, it was easier than I thought.


      but making it like chat, on network? I have no idea.


      I would be glad if I am directed towards the solution.


      I am doing this for my own personal hobby, to learn flash, so It would be fantastic if you could show me some tutorial or some sort like that so I can learn and create it on my own, however, any examples like this would be great too. coz it would help me find what i am looking for. I searched online, but i couldnt find anything like what I want to do.


      Since this is my personal thing, there is no time limit, its not urgent or anything.

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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          You should search thru this or the AS3 forum for a posting from last year (or several from the same person) looking to do what you wanted to do.  I believe multiple postings resulted from this person refusing to accept they wouldn't be able to do it, or at least that no one was going to take the time to figure out a solution and give it away.  Logistically and technically it would be a complex design if it could be implemented.

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            DraconianDevil Level 1

            Hi, thank you for your reply.


            I have decided that If ever succeed in this, I will make it an open source and give it away for free!


            but seeing as I am just a hobbyist flash developer, trying to just teach myself stuff for the sake of occupying my mind, that might take several months!


            thanks again!