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    Adobe Reader and Excel 2007 VBA


      I am looking for any help with regards to accomplishing the following task:


      Note: I have adobe reader 9.0 and excel 2007


      I need to create a button in an excel spreadsheet that opens a pdf (that is embedded in the spreadsheet) with adobe reader to a certain page in the pdf.


      I know how to use vba to open the embedded pdf file. However, the part I am having trouble with is opening to a certain page.


      I know its possible to use the VBA shell function to open a pdf to a certain page. However, my pdf is not stored in a folder somewhere on the hard drive. it is embedded in the excel spreadsheet. So, that option will likely not work.


      Also, others who will use the excel file will only have adobe reader 9.0 and possibly excel 2003.


      Thanks to anyone who can help