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    Large Flex App... questions..

    babo_ya Level 3
      Here are my questions....

      Thanks for your feedback....

      What is the largest deployment of Flex that you know of?
      I need to scale Flex to 1 million users. Where does Flex break when pushing high volume through the server?
      How scalable is the Flash Player? Will it be the breaking point for a massive user base?
      Will the downloading of the swfs cause throughput to bottleneck? What solutions for a boundary caching server could be available...Redirect the enterprise to a server outside of the main web servers for all swf downloads.

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          Ansury Level 3
          Scalability would depend on how you're using Flex. Flex by itself is really just client side tech, so the number of users doesn't matter very much. (If you mean Flex Data Services, I don't know much about that.) If you're using a Java back end, .NET, etc. I think it'd just scale similarly to how they normally do, although you'd have to take into account downloads of the flash files to client machines. (Generally a one-time deal I guess since it should be cached for later uses.) But this could vary greatly depending on what you're doing.

          Also, while you're doing larger (generally) one time-downloads, you also have to consider that (depending on exactly what you're doing, and how)... with rich client technology you don't make as many round trips to the server. With very high numbers, depending on specifics of what your application does of course, you might even be able to save bandwidth in the best cases.

          The nice thing about rich client technology is that if done right, they can take alot of work away from the server, so I'd imagine they can be cheaper, fewer in number, etc. Most users have decently powerful machines that just sit, being bored, while you're using web browsers. Flex can take advantage of all that extra processing power. (Of course again this entirely depends on what you're doing.)

          BTW, you don't mean 1 million concurrent users, right? Usually concurrent user numbers would be much lower. Are you asking for Google or something? =) (No need to answer that!)

          That's my opinion if it helps any... just an opinion as I don't have examples to provide, but I'm sure somebody does.