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    batch converting and adding text from external source


      I am a complete newbe with After Effects (CS4) but I want to accomplish the following :


      My boss has many videoclips. These clips have several quality (Mpeg2 DVD or higher) with both 16:9 and 4:3 proportion.

      These videoclips are NOT the same length (in time).


      I want to batch convert these file to one format. (The clips have to keep there own proportion).

      Watermarking (psd file), title, artist and recordlabel has to be inserted in the file.

      The title, artist and recordlabel has to be read from another file (database, excel, plain text, anything is possible).

      The title, artist, recordlabel has to be show X seconds from the beginning of the clip and be show for X seconds and the same routine at the end of the clip.


      Can somebody help me to get me in the good direction to accomplish this?