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    Doing something wrong creating a form


      I am a brand new flex user, taking the "flex challenge" so to speak.  I am primarily a designer, but I have heard that Flash Builder 4 is so easy to use, that I should be able to pick it up pretty easily.  I love the skinning and styling options, but I am running into a problem attempting to create a form.  For a non-programmer, some of the documentation can be a bit daunting.


      I have a XML file with some mostly irrelevant information that I have successfully bound to a data table.  The data services wizard really is amazing.


      Now that it displays, I am trying to create a form to add records to the XML file.  I (attempted to) follow the instructions, but I am missing something.  I used the "Generate Details Form" by right clicking on my datagrid, and set it to make an editable form.  It generated the form, and I sent it to the browser.


      However, when I enter information in the form and hit submit, nothing happens.  What am I doing wrong?  I have tried a couple of different methods, but nothing has worked.  Any help pointing me in the right direction would be greatly appreciated.

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          You can't submit data to a static XML page. You will need to submit data to some sort of application server page that has been written to accept the data. Have you looked at the Flex in a Week http://www.adobe.com/devnet/flex/videotraining/ training? Day 2 shows you how to grab data from a dynamic server page and Day 3 shows you how to send data. The examples provide you with pre-built server pages. For your own examples you will have to figure out which technology works best for you, but it will require some programming.

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            mikemonk Level 1

            Thanks for the tip.  I had a programmer buddy of mine write a simple form to submit it via PHP.  I figure that having something to work with will help me a great deal in the future.  I can normally hold my own in these types of areas by modifying and tweaking another application.

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              If you are going to start learning some back-end technologies, i highly recommend ColdFusion (and no, I don't work for Adobe!). CF is really easy to learn and very powerful. You will also be able to find lots of hosting companies that have inexpensive plans. I come from a non-programming background, too, and I was able to teach myself CF from a book (Ben Forta's ColdFusion Web Application Construction Kit aka CFWACK) in a really short time. Just some unsolicited advice....

              There are lots of resources to help you with CF/Flex integration, too.