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    After Effect CS4 working with AVCHD

    kishoreda-RrOFau Level 1

      Windows 7 ultimate

      6mb RAM

      Intel Dual Core at 2.80GHz

      Video NVIDIA Gforce 9800 GT

      Adobe CS4 After Effect and Premiere CS4


      Dear friends

      We shot some video in Sony HDR xr-200 in HD mode , which created an AVCHD format of video


      I selected the Editing mode of AVCHD 1080i Square pixle in Premiere CS4

      Timebase 29.97fps


      I selected my scences in Premiere CS4 and now I wanna Import it to After effect to add effects and etc and  finish my project and then render it


      Since this is my 1st time working  with HD video , can someone give me some tips and ideas where to go from here


      I have to have 2 formats of this 5 mis long song, one is HD for Internet like YouTube and Vimeo and the other I have to convert it back to SD and send it to a TV station that only plays SD.

      THank You !


      P.s . do you think my system will handle AVCHD or HD video editing  ?

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          Todd_Kopriva Level 8

          If you just want to add visual effects to some scenes, then you probably don't want to bring your whole project into After Effects. Rather, just use Dynamic Link to bring individual pieces over to After Effects to work on them.


          For a summary of the ways to work with Premiere Pro and After Effects together, see "Working with After Effects and Premiere Pro".


          Yes, as long as you do your homework, plan ahead, test your production pipeline before you jump straight into a real project, and break things into manageable pieces, your system is fine for this sort of work.


          You'll probably want more RAM someday soon, but your 6GB (at least I assume that you meant 'GB') of RAM is enough to trudge along with; more is better, but it's mostly a matter of speed improvement.

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            kishoreda-RrOFau Level 1

            Thanks Todd

            As always you have been a great help here and I do appreciate your help

            I recently upgraded my whole system, meaning from windows xp to windows 7 and from CS3 went to CS4

            As I remember , with Cs3 I used to import my Premiere project to after effect and add effects, transiations and etc and then I would render it as an AVI for windows ,

            Now , this is my 1st project working with HD videos.

            I am gonna  check out the link you provided for me and then i'll tell you how it goes .

            Yes ia have 6GB ram