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    Conceptual question about sequences


      Hello, please bear with my ignorance on this fundamental topic.   When creating a sequence there are many presets offered by Premiere CS4.  Should I choose a preset based upon the source format or my ultimate destination format?


      Here is how this question arose in my mind:


      My source is an mts file output by a Canon HFS10 camcorder which was set to capture in the 'mxp' mode which is apparently 1920x1080i (capturing 60 fields per second).


      In Premiere Pro CS4, I created a test project.  First, I created a sequence using the AVCHD preset 'AVCHD 1080p30' and then created a sequence using the AVCHD preset 'AVCHD 1080i30 (60i)'.  I dragged the mts file into both of the sequences.


      In the first sequence, there is a red bar in the timeline which indicates to me that Premiere will need to do some extra processing in order to playback the file in the monitor.  In the second sequence, there is no red bar, and therefore, I conclude that Premiere can play the file natively in the monitor.  If I am planning on exporting a video file that is progressive (i.e. a Windows Media file), should I have chosen a 'progressive' sequence type?  Or, should I, whenever possible, choose a sequence preset that most closely matches my source file type and not worry about what my ultimate export settings are going to be?


      Thanks very much for any and all help,



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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          One should always choose a Sequence Preset that matches the source footage 100%. This might mean choosing the Desktop Preset, and then customizing the attributes to match.


          The only slightly different take on this would be if one shot HD and then were to let the camera spit out an SD file. Still, one would be matching that output file 100%.


          Does your camera shoot full AVCHD? If not, then the Desktop Preset w/ customization would be the better way to go.


          Good luck,



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            anonmous Level 1

            Hi Bill,

              Thanks for your informative and to-the-point response!



            My Vixia HFS10 manual states -


            Recording System:

                Movies:  AVCHD     Video compression: MPEG-4 AVC/H.264;

                                             Audio compression: Dolby Digital 2ch


            Television System:


               * Recordings made with the [PF24], [PF30] frame rate are converted and recorded on the memory as 60i


            I can also state that when I capture in the 'MXP' mode, that I am capturing true 1920x1080 (i.e. not 1440x1080i anamorphic).



            Does this qualify as 'full AVCHD'?





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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              Yes it will. As of CS4.2, full AC3 support is included too, so you should not have any issues.


              Now, AVCHD does require a lot of CPU horsepower to edit smoothly.


              Good luck,



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                Hi Hunt (I just noticed you sign with 'Hunt' so I figure you prefer that to 'Bill'),


                   Thanks for your help!



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                  It does not matter to me. I answer to Bill, to Hunt, to the_wine_snob, or to many other monikers.


                  Bill, or Hunt work well, as they are mono-syllabic and easy to type...


                  Just hope that something helped you,




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