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    escape key / swf menu

    shutiri Level 1

      I'm creating an enhanced CD and I would like to do 2 things:
      1. get rid of the movie menu: I've seen other projector files that don't have the "file / view / control / help" menu on top

      2. I've created a "starter" that opens my swf file with two sets of actions in it:

      this.onLoad = function() {
      fscommand("fullscreen", true);
      fscommand("allowscale", false);


      -------> so now my movie loads the main.swf in full screen and respects the size os the original. BUT when I click on the escape key, it takes me to the movie with the menu; HOW DO I attach an action to tell the movie that when the escape key is pressed, it has to QUIT ?

      I've already did a QUIT button.

      thank you,