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    not rotated

    David Remington Level 1

      Saving multiple files out of CR. A rotation is one of the "corrections". Some files are appear so but are not rotated. This is a strange and hard to detect quirk. The only place you can detect that the files have not been rotated is in the finder (mac os x 10.5.8) where the icons are not rotated. When opening the files in PS or preview they look fine. Browse them in Bridge, fine. Bit when we process them out to save for online display using another application, not rotated. Strangest thing is when you open them in PS there is a "dotted" red button, as if a save was needed though there is no save dialog when you close the file. Rotate is one of many corrections applied to the RAW files prior to saving out as TIFF but rotate is the only one not taking. Any ideas?