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    CS3 AE: Error parsing properties list

    Fighting Sticks Level 2

      Working on a CS3 PPro project, no problems.  Startup up this morning to find all AE clips now read as 'Media Offline' & when I try to open AE it crashes with the following warning: - After Effects: Error Parsing Properties List.  So I tried a few fix it that I could find.  These being in PPro to slecet the entire timeline and move it slightly then Ctrl Z, some indicated fixed the problem, it didn't for me.  So then I followed Todd K's advice (http://blogs.adobe.com/toddkopriva/2009/02/crash_on_start_with_error_pars.html) but this doesn't work either.  I tried to reinstall AE but I still get a crash, how do I fix this?