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    Compose Audio Tracks for Full/Minus Vocal Music Video DVD


      Hi everyone.

      I've recorded, mixed my song in Sonar, mastered the stereo audio file in Wavelab, edit video in Premiere CS4 for a dvd music video project. Anyone can help me how to compose the audio tracks so that finally listener can choose for full song or minus the main vocal with their remote controller.


      Heard people telling about vocal on the right channel and music on left channel which will make the original stereo music mono. i'm trying to avoid this. any other way of doing that?...2 tracks together in a song, 1 full 1 without vocal? How do you do this?


      Thanks, all the best everyone.


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          One can do this very easily in Encore. While it's more an Encore question, let me try to tackle it here.


          DVD-Video and BD, allow for multiple Audio Streams. These are user selectable from either a Menu, or the Audio button on the remote.


          What I would do would be to Export your Sequence in elemental/elementary streams, i.e. one Video-only and then, in your case, two Audio-only files. One will be the full-mix with vocals, and the other with just the instrumental. These files can be either Exported from PrPro, or from your audio-editing program. There is one warning, that I will give you later on.


          Now, you have three files: Video-only (silent), and two versions of your Audio. Import the Video-only into Encore, as a Timeline. Import the two Audio-only files as Assets.


          In the Project Panel in Encore, drag one of your Audio-only files to that Timeline, where it will be Audio Track 1. Drag the other to that same Timeline, where it will be Audio Track 2. Audio Track 1 will be the main Audio, so you get to choose which one you deem more important, or which you want to be the default. The other, Audio Track 2, will be the supplemental Audio.


          I would use a Menu, that had Buttons for the User to choose which Audio version they wanted. One Button would be specifically linked to the Timeline with Audio Track 1 chosen, and the second to that same Timeline, but with Audio Track 2 specifically chosen (drop-down in Properties Panel for those Buttons, will let you choose this). Most remotes will allow the user to choose on the fly, with the Audio button, but I would still do this Menu. I do similar, when I have DD 5.1 SS on Audio Track 1, and the DTS encoded version on Audio Track 2.


          Then, just set up your other Menus, as is required.


          For more Encore-specific questions, here is the Encore Forum. Some of the same folk there, as here, but there are some different folk, who only post/read there. One, Neil Wilkes is a major music DVD/BD producer, and knows his way around music mixing and authoring.


          Now, that one warning mentioned above. Both DVD-Video and BD are centered around Video. If you are Exporting from PrPro, make 100% certain that your Audio is EXACTLY the same Duration as your Video, or slightly shorter. I usually leave about 1-2 sec. of silent Audio. Even 1 Audio Unit more in the Audio file can be an issue. Exact, or slightly shorter for the Audio. This holds for Exporting from your Audio-editing program too. Just check that Duration very carefully.


          Also, if you are doing DD 5.1 SS, you might want to make sure that you have 02 sec. of silence, before the first note in your Audio, to give a DVD player time to lock onto the signal. This is more likely to be needed with higher-end DVD players. I always begin my Video with 02 sec. of Black Video and end it with 02 sec. of Black Video. My Audio does not begin until the end of the first, and ends before the end of the latter.


          Good luck, and hope that this helps,



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            Bill, at last i got a clear answer for that 'problem' of mine from you. How can i thank you enough. I'm at the other side of the world from your place. May god always bless you for your kindness. Thanks Bill.




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              Bill. I want to try to do it so that listener can choose on the fly from the audio button on their remote controller, so that (as i understand) they can switch with/without vocal while the song is playing without having to stop the song and choose another version of the song (with/without the vocal). So again, how do you do this?


              What i did before on my previous project, i exported 4 full and 4 minus vocal songs into Encore and i create Menu i.e 'The Song', 'The Song Minus One', for user to select, but that way they have to stop one version to choose another right?


              Anyway, I have yet to try what you told earlier. I will tonight.





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                You are most welcome. Hope that it goes well for you.



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                  Much will depend on the users' remote control. I had one, that did not have an Audio button, and another, that did not function as all the others did. Users' equipment is something that we cannot plan for usually, so we go with what is considered "standard."


                  The above is why I always provide a Menu to select the various Audio streams. That is NOT "on-the-fly," but is a setting that takes place, before the Video/Audio is played. Normally, the Audio button WILL toggle the Audio streams "on-the-fly."


                  I forget the allowed number of supplemental Audio streams in Encore (probably limited by the DVD-specs, but might be specific to Encore?), but I have done Projects with 3 total Audio streams: one stereo, one DD 5.1 SS and one DTS. Normally, equipment can just take the DD 5.1 SS and extract/mix it to stereo, but had one client, who needed to have the pure, non-processed stereo for what I assume was an equipment issue.


                  Maybe I can find the upper limit on aux. Audio streams, or Jeff Bellune (or other) can refresh my memory. Gotta' be a limit somewhere.


                  Good luck,