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    Getting 16bit video into Premiere CS4


      Bear with me, as I'm sure I am a super noob. I went and did a bad thing...I think. I told a non-profit that I would make a video for them to sell for charity. The video is going to be a combo of video, stills, etc and I went ahead and shot all videos with my Nikon D90 camera. Settings were apparently set to standard and then I went out and picked up Premiere CS4 to take the video to the next level. I come to find out the video was taken in 16bit NTSC format and the program wants a minimum of 32. Is there anything I can do to get the videos I have into the Premiere workspace to create my video? Is it possible to up-convert? I've read about converting to TIF files, but I am going to need the audio off the video as well. I have to think there is a way around this somehow.

      If you have any input whatsoever, it would be greatly appreciated. I'm behind schedule as it is and this is only setting me back further. Really hoping there is a quick fix out there. *crosses fingers*