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    Flex Web Services with complex response from CXF Service


      I am using Flash Builder to develope a Flex client that uses Web Service based Data Service classes generated by the WSDL for the CXF based Web Service.  All the correct classes are being created by Flash Builder.  The issue we are encountering is when we make a web service call and receive the response, we are only able to cast the parent result object, ie:  var myResults: CustomDto = resultEvent.result as CustomDto;  The problem is, the CustomDto object contains an ArrayCollection of UserDto objects.  However, when I attempt to iterate through the array collection, I am unable to
      cast the individual array collection members as a UserDto object.  I need to be able to cast them as UserDto objects and would like to be able to use
      the classes auto generated by Flash Builder.


      Any suggestions on why I am not able to cast inner class properties to their actual data objects.