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    Linkage error - can't load a class


      I would like you to give advice.
      I made a movieclip symbol(journal) which calls the Journal class in a Flash Project File.
      I wrote like this on the Linkage Properties window:
      Identifier: journal
      AS 2.0 class: _journal.Journal
      and checked two options(Export for AS and Export in first frame)

      I think the class route is correct. But when I test the project, it occurs an error ("Symbol = journal, layer = binding, frame = 1:Line 1: The class or interface '_journal.Journal' could not be loaded.")

      I appreciate if you explain why it happens to me and what the 'binding' of a layer means.
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          clbeech Level 3
          when using a class the name of the class file should be EXACTLY the same. it is unlikely that you named the class '_journal.Journal' in fact, you should not if you did. if so, rename it just 'Journal' so the file title should be 'Journal.as' this file should reside within the folder of your swf, unless you have placed it in the root class path directory folder. then the AS2 class should be 'Journal' you should also make sure that the class' construction statement is also just named 'Journal'.
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            Ahjin Level 1
            Thank you, clbeech.

            I use the Project panel of Flash and put the Journal Class in it. Everything seemed to be perfect before I checked the real location of the Journal file. I discovered that I was confused the directories in the Project panel of Flash with the real directories on Windows. Both are different. Allocating a flash file in the folder of the Project panel doesn't mean that that file is located in the real Windows folder. Actually I have several versions of the project I'm doing so I was confused.

            Thanks again, clbeech.
            Have a good day.
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              clbeech Level 3
              you're welcome, glad it worked out :)