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    Premiere Elements 8: new editing presets for 24p/25p/30p/50p/60p

    jkent62 Level 1

      Hi everyone, I've put together an **experimental user-patch** for PE8, which adds presets for progressive-video.


      For now, as this patch is experimental, I ask that only ADVANCED USERS initially try out this patch.  As they test the various new modes, and report back success/failure to this thread, hopefully the patch will judged safe for all users to install.


      I am not affiliated with ADOBE CORPORATION in any way.  So do not ask Adobe for support!


      Ok, so what does this user-patch do?

      It adds editing-presets for progressive-scan HD video modes.



           *1920x1080 progressive (NTSC) 59.94 fps

           *1920x1080 progressive (PAL)   50.00

           *1920x1080 progressive (NTSC) 29.97

           *1920x1080 progressive (PAL)   25.00

           *1920x1080 progressive (NTSC) 23.976


           Anamorphic HD (HDV2, AVCHD)

           *1440x1080 progressive (NTSC) 29.97 fps

           *1440x1080 progressive (PAL)   25.00

           *1440x1080 progressive (NTSC) 23.976



           *1280x720 progressive (NTSC) 59.94 fps

           *1280x720 progressive (PAL)   50.00

            1280x720 progressive (NTSC) 23.976 fps


           Digicam/DSLR (not NTSC/PAL compliant)

            1280x720  progressive 30.00 fps (Digicam MJPEG)

            1280x720  progressive 24.00 fps (Nikon DSLR)

            1920x1080 progressive 30.00 fps (Canon 5D Mark 2, legacy firmware older than 2.0.3)


           * both stereo-audio and 5.1-audio supported


      Superficially, I've tested the following:

           1080p60 stereo (using test-clip from Panasonic HS-700 camcorder)

           1080p30 stereo (using test-clips from Canon HG-20)

           720p60  stereo  (using test-clips from Panasonic GH1, ZS3)


      Posible confusions

      The package contains two similar looking presets:

           Digicam_AVC_1080p30  (1920x1080p @ 30.00fps)

           FullHD 1080p30             (1920x1080p @ 29.97fps NTSC)


      What's the difference?  The Digicam preset is not NTSC-compliant.  It's intended for legacy Canon 5D Mark II footage; shot with older firmware (prior to the 29.97 fps update.)


      The FullHD preset is, of course, NTSC-compliant. Use that with the Canon 7D, T2i/550D, 5D Mark II (firmware 2.0.3 and later), and all the fullHD AVCHD camcorders out there.



      Note: you'll need admin privileges, because you'll be adding files to the "Program Files" directory.


      1) Locate the installation-path of PE8 on your PC.  If you installed to the default path, it's most likely

           C:\Program Files\Adobe\Premiere Elements 8


           or if you have a 64-bit edition of Windows

           C:\Program Files (x86)\Adobe\Premiere Elements 8



      2) Inside PE8's root-dir (Premiere Elements 8\), unzip this package. you'll be asked whether you want to merge some folders with the ZIP's contents.  Answer yes. Note, the ZIP doesn't overwrite any of PE8's original files.  It only adds new ones, so you shouldn't have to worry about ruining your PE8 installation (theoretically...)


      Known problems

      I have a feeling certain questions will be asked ... so by pre-emptively answering some here, I can avoid answering them again, and again, and again...


      1)    The preset descriptions (which show up in the dialog-box when you create a new project) are wrong.  The descriptions have no effect on the operation of PE8, so I've left them alone.


      2)    24p footage from most AVCHD-camcorders renders incorrectly (weave-artifacts, dropped frames, duplicated frames) in a 24p timeline.

             Well, that's not the preset's fault -- that's due to interlacing-issues.  While '24p' camcorders capture footage (at the sensor) in true 24p mode, most of them store the footage in a 30i bitstream.  Long story short, unless you're the lucky owner of a Canon HV-40, HF-S20/S21/S200, or Panasonic SD9 (all of which offer 'true 24p' or 'native 24p' by storing the video in a real 24p bitstream), you'll probably have to deal with inverse-telecining.

             If you just try to 'drag and drop'  raw 24p camcorder footage from one of the non-blessed camcorders into PE8, PE8 will misinterpret the frame-boundaries, and produce an ugly, wrecked rendering of the footage.  The only way waround this is to pre-process all of your raw 24p footage through an inverse-telecine (deinterlacing) program.  I think this topic has been beaten to death over and over, so let's not dwell further on it.  THe moral is, if you plan to shoot lots of 24p footage and do lots of editing on a 24p timeline, do yourself a favor and select a camera with true 24p recording.  Or, be prepared to spend a lot of time inverse-telecining captured footage.


      3)   interlaced footage in a progressive timeline suffers horizontal-line artifacts.

           Well again, that's a de-interlacing issue.  If you create a 1080p30 project, then add footage (from an interlaced camcorder), the interlaced footage will not render properly in the progressive timeline.  There are many other topics and sites which explain the ins/outs of deinterlacing (and why you need it), so it's enough for me to say: don't drop interlaced-footage into a progressive timeline.   The '*exception* is if the interlaced-footage is actually holding progressive-content.  For example, the Canon 25PsF and 30PsF modes (HV/HF/HG/HF-S series) are fully workflow-compatible with a 1080p25/30 project timeline.  By compatible, I mean the raw footage can be drag&dropped into PE8, and render correctly as frames (free of weave artifacts.)  Well, when I tried this with my HG20 and the PE8 trial edition, that's how it worked. And I hope for everyone else, too.


      4) 1080p50/60 performance issues

           Well, the 1080p50/60 preset *doubles* the frame-rate of the FullHD editing presets.  That's twice the CPU-power, RAM, and disk-space needed.  So if your PC was already struggling to edit 1080i30 projects; imagine what the experience will be like @ 1080p50/60...  and keep in mind PE8 is a consumer-video editing program -- I would be very surprised if someone could edit a long (60 minute) project with more than 4-5 video tracks.




      I just realized Adobe forums temporarily disabled ZIP-file attachments...so I'll have to redirect you to elementsvillage.

      Please download premiere8_progressive_modes.zip from http://www.elementsvillage.com/forums/showthread.php?p=519932#post519932

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          This is very nice, J! May I move it to our Tips & Tricks forum for easy reference?

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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            Very well done and thank you.



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              jkent62 Level 1

              UPDATE: The original download link is broken.  (I guess I the other site doesn't allow link embedding/redirecting from other sites!)


              Hopefully this link lasts more than a few hours



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                Mika Järvinen Level 1



                This is like heaven sent for me as a Canon 7D user. And if this really works, WOW! I am going to have a sleepless night tonight when trying those out. Lets see what happens!!!!



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                  the_wine_snob Level 9



                  Please report your success.


                  Also, it was just hinted at, in the PrPro forum, that there was going to be something "special" for Canon 5D/7D in the new CS5, which is to be introduced at NAB on April 12th. This is in addition to the MPE (Mercury Playback Engine). Do not know what this "special" feature is, or if it will be in the initial release of CS5, or maybe will appear in an update.


                  Often, features are introduced in either PrPro, or PrE, and they find their way to the other program.


                  Unfortunately, we'll just have to wait and see.


                  Good luck to all,



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                    Mika Järvinen Level 1



                    First test done with Canon 7D:s FullHD (1920x1080, 23,976 fps) material. Three different shots, few transitions and minor color correction. Impossible to edit and render earlier but this preset-patch changed all.


                    Everything was rendered without any errors at all and "movie" was finalized without trouble. I did that three times and tried different things. I also checked those rendered preview files and everything seemed to be what it should.


                    What I did was:


                    1. Used MPEGstreamclip (www.squared5.com) with AVIDs free DNxHD codec, unchecked "Interlaced scaling" and converted the files to a Quicktime-wrappermpegstreamclip.jpg


                    2. Opened new project with new custom presets. (FullHD 1080p, 24p)


                    3. Edited the material with color correction and some transitions


                    4. Finalized movie to a custom-wmv format (1920x1080)


                    5. Enjoyed the result and raised a glass of red wine to "jkent62"


                    I am continuing my tests tomorrow as I hardly can keep the curtains up in my eye. I also realize my responsibility to encourage people try these custom settings. All I can say is that I was mentally prepared to install Pre8 again. But I feel this information is in such a big need and importance that I am willing to post this test of mine.



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                      the_wine_snob Level 9



                      Thank you for reporting, and glad that your tests went well.


                      What was that red wine???


                      Good luck,



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                        jkent62 Level 1

                        > This is very nice, J! May I move it to our Tips & Tricks forum for  easy reference?


                        Yes, feel free to move the thread.


                        Also, could you fix the link in the first post?  I can't seem to to edit my posts once they have been posted.

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                          Palindromedad Level 1

                          I have some footage that was recorded in 24p mode on a Canon HV30.   I ran this thru the trial version of Cineforms and extracted out what I believe is true 24p video.   With these presets I can edit and export this footage to a file however I was wondering how I would burn this footage to blu-ray as there isn't any pre-set listed for 24p output there, I only see 1440x1080i options.   Thank you.

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                            Mika Järvinen Level 1

                            Hello all experimentals!


                            No problems when using 23,976 custom preset and dragging 60fps NTSC-format data to timeline and using "Interpret footage" to assume the frame rate is really 23,976.  So now we are able to maximize smooth overcranking using 23,976 custom preset and 59,94 fps footage. Very nice!!




                            ps. Bill, that red wine was 35 degrees South, from Chile. Quite good actually!

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                              Mika Järvinen Level 1

                              This is why some people don't like very much self made custom presets, allthough I am very happy of those. Pre8 was not originally planned to handle those custom presets. So when you try to burn a 1080p project to a Blueray disk, there is not that option. But you can handle that otherwise by finalizing your work to mpeg-format using same bitrates and such, and use third part program to burn that to a Blueray disc. I hope this helps a bit.



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                                jkent62 Level 1

                                Hmmm, I forgot about output options.  Well I found where PE8 keeps the encoder-presets for burning-to-BluRay:



                                I was able to create the following custom encoding-presets:

                                     1280x720p50, 1280x720p60, 1440x1080p24, 1920x1080p24


                                     *Bluray Format does not allow 1080p25 or 1080p30.


                                ...but I do not have a Bluray-burnder to test them on a recordable BluRay Disc.  (I can encode PC-files using those custom encoding-presets, but that's not a proper test.)


                                Palindromedad, are you willing to test these new encoder-presets?  (Please use rewritable-media, just in case they don't work!  I don't want you to burn an expensive coaster!)


                                Download them from here:





                                1.01 - March 31, 2010


                                Add sharing-presets for Bluray Disc output:


                                    Bluray - 1440x1080p 23.976 (NTSC), 1920x1080p 23.976 (NTSC),


                                        1280x720p 59.94 (NTSC), 1280x720p 50 (PAL)


                                    (Bluray format does not permit 25p or 30p, so those were not added.)


                                Add PC-H264 encoding-presets for 1080p50/60:
                                    (These were hacked from the downloaded preset 'Flash Video for Youtube 1920x1080p')
                                    HD 1920x1080p 59.94    NTSC H264    AAC-stereo (320Kbps)
                                    HD 1920x1080p 50.00    NTSC H264    AAC-stereo (320Kbps)


                                    (1080p24/25/30 or 720p50/60 were not included because those profiles can be created within PE8's customization dialog-box.)
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                                  Mika Järvinen Level 1



                                  You are amazing guy! These really seem to work well too, just need a bit more testing... I am very surprised if Adobe won't be hiring you for future projects in nearest days to stop you from converting Premiere elements serie to a Premiere pro one! ;-) Thanks again!



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                                    Ozpeter Level 1

                                    Just for a moment I thought maybe these presets would help with Panasonic GH1 1080i footage, but sadly PE8 still mangles the video from this (PAL) device beyond belief when attempting to play a clip from the timeline.


                                    It's been some months since I tried using PE8 and unless someone - ideally Adobe - can fix it, I'll continue to have to use something else.


                                    My latest Something Else was released in the last week or so, and that new kid on the block looks & feels so much like Premiere Pro in an earlier stripped down version that I almost wondered whether Adobe would be consulting their lawyers.   And it works without any of these traumas and it's cheap.


                                    (Actually to be fair to Adobe, every previous lowish cost NLE I have tried has proved to be a serious disappointment in one respect or another - why video editing software gets marketed with flaws no audio editing software would ever be released with beats me).

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                                      the_wine_snob Level 9



                                      Sorry that things have not improved with PrE 8. You have added the PrE 8.0.1 update, I assume?


                                      It will be interesting to see how much PrE 9 is able to "borrow" from its big-brother PrPro CS5. Maybe a major, positive turning-point for PrE?



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                                        Mika Järvinen Level 1

                                        Hey Ozpeter!


                                        Sad to hear this. Normally PrE8 works quite nicely with 1080i footage, there was lots of more trouble with progressive modes. Is it possible you to share short footage via internet, so I could try few different things. I am just curious, and would like to see what will happen. I am not even thinking I would solve your troubles, but I would like to see where to trouble is coming from.




                                        ps. What cheap editing software did you find again working for you?

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                                          EPHRAIM GITELMAN Level 1

                                          I am using clips from Panasonics fz35.  The sensor output is 30fps.  The actual output is 60fps because it doubles the frame rate.  In elements 8 the property is shown as 59.94fps.  When I open the clip in a new project I set the preset as 720/60.  In the monitor panel I click the step forward button and see that the clip is shown as 59.94fps.I  I click the properties button and it shows 30 fps.  i play the clip from the monitor panel and the sound is perfect.  I then change the clip fps by clicking the Interpert footage setting to 59.94fps.  I play the clip again and the sound is distorted.  I reset the interpret footage setting to 29.97fps and the sound is normal again.


                                          Why does the monitor panel exhibit the 59.94fps characteristic and the properties button show the the 29.97frame rate?  I would prefer using the 59.94fps by changing it via the interpet footage setting but the sound gets distorted when I play theclip on the monitor panel.  How should I edit the clip- in the 29.97 fps setting or the 59.9fps4 setting via the interpret?  Or ahould I just use the 720/30fps preset since the sensor output is 30 fps?


                                          Ephraim Gitelman

                                          • 18. Re: Premiere Elements 8: new editing presets for 24p/25p/30p/50p/60p
                                            EPHRAIM GITELMAN Level 1

                                            In your word document for the  final patch you list as a standard Adobe preset:

                                            1280x720p            29.97            NTSC            progressive       HDV1,  AVCHD-lite


                                            I could not find this preset.  Did you mean the preset for  HDV?  This preset is not AVCHD lite.


                                            Also, are the presets you supplied  and listed as HDC-SD9  supposed to be copied into the Hard Disk,Flash Memory camcorder  sequence file?


                                            Ephraim Gitelman

                                            • 19. Re: Premiere Elements 8: new editing presets for 24p/25p/30p/50p/60p
                                              EPHRAIM GITELMAN Level 1




                                              In your word document for the  final patch you list as a standard Adobe  preset:

                                              1280x720p            29.97            NTSC            progressive       HDV1,  AVCHD-lite


                                              I could not find this preset.  Did you mean  the preset for  HDV?  This preset is not AVCHD lite.


                                              Also, are  the presets you supplied  and listed as HDC-SD9  supposed to be copied into the Hard  Disk,Flash Memory camcorder  sequence file?


                                              Ephraim  Gitelman

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                                                LouisandLumix Level 1



                                                I'm a Lumix GH1 user, you know the camera with the 1080/24P in a 1080/60I wrapper so you can watch it on TV directly from the camera (in North America anyway).


                                                Trouble is, I never watch TV and don't have one. Everything I do is for YouTube or Vimeo and for that I require/prefer progressive formats.


                                                So I bought Neoscene to convert it to REAL 24 P video.  Great.  So far so good.


                                                Then I downloaded the PE8 trial verison to edit it (I am presently a PE7 user).  Good.  Still works.


                                                Then I went to share it.  ACK!  No 1080/24P preset.  Rats!


                                                Then I was told about about these presets right here on this forum.  Hooray!  Thank you thank you thank you thank you.....!


                                                So I dowloaded and installed the presets and there's still no 1080/24P SHARE option under PC, MPEG.


                                                Did I miss something?



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                                                  EPHRAIM GITELMAN Level 1

                                                  I didn't do the presets> I am a user like you and have not tried the  share function.  I suggest you try the Premiere Elements forum.  The  moderator is A.T, Romano.  He has been very helpful.



                                                  Eph Gitelman

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                                                    Mika Järvinen Level 1

                                                    Hey Louisand!


                                                    Yeah, I found those presets VEERY helpful also. And I still thank Ephraim for those presets! But, if you are exporting Vimeo or Youtube, why to share using MPEG? Even wmv format is very competive and I found flash working nicely too. There is very helpful about exporting below:




                                                    -Mika Järvinen

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                                                      LouisandLumix Level 1

                                                      Thanks Mika,  I finally figured out that if I drill down into the advanced options under the SHARE tab, change LEVEL to HIGH, it will allow me to set the pixel width and height to 1920 x 1080 and then I pick the frame rate and I'm ready.  There are many other settings but I have no idea what they are and didn't change anything else.  Then I save this setting.


                                                      I chose MPEG2 because the quality is amazing.  When I use the presets for the other SHARE options the results are lousy and I have neither the time, knowledge, nor inclination to explore the other share options settings to improve the quality.


                                                      But yeah, the MPEG2 files are HUGE and take forever to upload, so I'll check out the link.


                                                      So in summary, my work flow for a Lumix GH1 is


                                                      (1) Copy MTS Files from memory card to directory.

                                                      (2) Use Neoscene 5.0 to convert the 1080/24p MTS file in a 1080/60i wrapper to REAL 1080/24P AVI files (huge files)

                                                      (3) Open up PE8, and drag and drop the AVI files into the media (after downloading and setting the above presets.

                                                      (4) Edit

                                                      (5) Export using my own made up presets for 1080/24P.


                                                      Phew!  Thanks Panasonic for a great camera, if only you could have been more help for editing, like including Neoscene or something like it with camera software.



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                                                        Traced67 Level 1

                                                        Hi everyone,


                                                        Many thanks for that great addition to PRE8. Unfortunatelly, I'm encountering a problem:


                                                        I installed the new presets and tested the one dedicated to the Nikon DSLR that is found under "NTSC/Hard Disk, Flash Memory Camcorders/-> Digicam_MJPEG_720p24". When I try to render the work area, the rendering window opens and closes directly without rendering anything... The clip stays with the red bar. Am I missing something? Does anyone encounters the same issue?


                                                        When I installed PRE8, I was asked to choose between NTSC and PAL. I chosed PAL... is that the source of my problem? If I cannot use this preset, which one would be the best option for a MJPEG 24frames 720p?


                                                        Many thanks for your kind help...



                                                        • 25. Re: Premiere Elements 8: new editing presets for 24p/25p/30p/50p/60p
                                                          EPHRAIM GITELMAN Level 1

                                                          I am not the person who devised the presets. The person who developed the presets is jkent62  Try sendibg him a private message   If that doesn't work try  posting your question  to the Elements Village forum.  The moderator A..T   Romano may be able to help you.



                                                          Ephraim Gitelman

                                                          • 26. Re: Premiere Elements 8: new editing presets for 24p/25p/30p/50p/60p
                                                            Retro72 Level 1

                                                            I'm not seeing this when I unzip in the PE8 directory.  It did not ask me to merge any files.


                                                            When I start PE8, I am doing the following:

                                                            New Project

                                                              Selecting Import from HDV

                                                               I am not seeig those presets at all?


                                                            Is this on the output side?


                                                            Can you list or provide a document for where these files should be installed to?



                                                            • 27. Re: Premiere Elements 8: new editing presets for 24p/25p/30p/50p/60p
                                                              EPHRAIM GITELMAN Level 1

                                                              I did not create these presets.  Here is a copy of the information from Jkent62 who created them.


                                                              Adobe Premiere Elements 8:

                                                              The Missing SequenceMode Presets



                                                              > Release 1.00 March 27, 2010 <




                                                              Before proceeding, please read the following:


                                                              ** This package is a *user-authored* patch.  The author is not affiliated with Adobe Corporation in any way, and this package is not supported by Adobe Corporation **


                                                              ** By installing this package, the user assumes ALL responsibility for any problems or errors caused by misuse or malfunction of this package **


                                                              ** No warranty is offered for this patch. **





                                                              This package contains extra video-mode presets (720p50/60, 1080p25/30, 720p24, etc.) for Adobe Premiere Elements 8 (PE8.)  Many of these formats are commonplace among contemporary consumer camcorders and digicams, but were not included with PE8.


                                                              As shipped, PE8 is limited to a handful of high-definition (HD) video-formats:


                                                                          Table1            Resolution            Frames/sec       System            Field-struct            Equipment type/category

                                                                                      1920x1080i      29.97 fps        NTSC            interlaced            "FullHD" (AVCHD) camcorders

                                                                                      1920x1080i      25.00 fps        PAL            interlaced            "FullHD" (AVCHD) camcorders


                                                                                      1440x1080i      29.97 fps        NTSC            interlaced         HDV2, AVCHD camcorders

                                                                                      1440x1080i      25.00 fps        PAL            interlaced         HDV2, AVCHD camcorders


                                                                                      1280x720p       29.97 fps        NTSC            progressive       HDV1, AVCHD-lite

                                                                                      1280x720p       25.00 fps        PAL            progressive       HDV1, AVCHD-lite


                                                              This preset-package adds video-mode presets for the following HD formats:


                                                                          Table2            Resolution            Frames/sec       System            Field-struct            Example equipment

                                                                                      1920x1080p     29.97 fps        NTSC            *progressive       Canon HF/HFS/HG series

                                                                                      1920x1080p     23.976 fps        NTSC            *progressive       Canon HF-S20, Panasonic GH1


                                                                                      1920x1080p     59.94 fps        NTSC            *progressive            Panasonic TM700/HS700

                                                                                      1920x1080p     25.00 fps        PAL            *progressive       Canon HF/HFS/HG series

                                                                                      1920x1080p     50.00 fps        PAL            *progressive            Panasonic TM700/HS700


                                                                                      1440x1080p     29.97 fps        NTSC            *progressive       Canon HV/HF/HFS/HG series

                                                                                      1440x1080p     23.976 fps        NTSC            *progressive       Canon HFS 20, HV-40

                                                                                      1440x1080p     25.00 fps        PAL            *progressive       Canon HV/HF/HFS/HG series


                                                                                      1280x720p       59.94 fps        NTSC            *progressive       Canon 7D, Panasonic GH1

                                                                                      1280x720p       50.00 fps        PAL            *progressive       Canon 7D, Panasonic GH1

                                                                                      1920x1080p     30.00 fps        -            progressive       Canon 5D Mark II (old firmware)

                                                                                      1280x720p       30.00 fps        -            progressive       MJPEG Digicams

                                                                                      1280x720p       24.00 fps        -            progressive       Nikon (MJPEG) D3s/D300s/D90

                                                                                      1280x720p       23.976 fps        NTSC            progressive       HDV1-prores


                                                                                      *5.1-audio supported




                                                                          You will need Administrator privileges to install this package, because you will be adding files to your PC's 'Program Files' folder!


                                                                          First, you will need to locate the installation-path of Premiere Elements 8 (PE8) on your PC.  The exact path will depend on your O/S, and whether you specified a non-default destination during installation.  If you allowed the installer to use the default destination, PE8 should install here:


                                                                          "C: -> Program Files ->  Adobe -> Premiere Elements 8"                  (PCs with 32-bit Windows)




                                                                          "C: -> Program Files (x86) ->  Adobe -> Premiere Elements 8"             (PCs with 64-bit Windows)


                                                                          Now, you will be adding new files to the "Settings/" subdirectory.  (Not to worry, this package does not overwrite any of the original PE8 files, so there is no need to make backups of anything.)  When Unzipping this package should have created the following subdir-tree:



                                                                          |            Settings/

                                                                                      |            SequencePresets/

                                                                                                  |            NTSC/

                                                                                                              |            AVCHD/

                                                                                                              |            Hard Disk, Flash Memory Camcorders/



                                                                                                              |            AVCHD/

                                                                                                                          Hard Disk, Flash Memory Camcorders/


                                                                          The preset-files (*.sqpreset) are inside the lowest subdir (in the above diagram, the rightmost dirs.) To install, copy this package's Settings/ folder to your PE8 Installation path (e.g. Program Files ->  Adobe -> Premiere Elements 8.)  Your PC will inform you of a folder-conflict; choose the 'merge' option.


                                                                          After the *.sqpreset files have been copied, the next time you launch PE8 and create a new project, you should see the following new presets when you click "Change Settings -> Available Presets":



                                                                                      Resolution            Frames/sec       (Name & Location)

                                                                                      1920x1080p     59.94 fps        "NTSC -> Hard Disk, Flash Memory Camcorders

                                                                                                                                                  -> FullHD 1080p60"


                                                                                      1920x1080p     50.00 fps        "PAL -> Hard Disk, Flash Memory Camcorders

                                                                                                                                                  -> FullHD 1080p50"


                                                                                      1920x1080p     29.97 fps        "NTSC -> AVCHD -> FullHD 1080p 30"

                                                                                      1920x1080p     23.976 fps        "NTSC -> AVCHD -> FullHD 1080p 24"


                                                                                      1920x1080p     25.00 fps        "PAL -> AVCHD -> FullHD 1080p 25"


                                                                                      1440x1080p     29.97 fps        "NTSC -> AVCHD -> HD 1080p 30"

                                                                                      1440x1080p     23.976 fps        "NTSC -> AVCHD -> HD 1080p 24"

                                                                                      1440x1080p     25.00 fps        "PAL -> AVCHD -> HD 1080p 25"


                                                                                      1280x720p       59.94 fps        "NTSC -> AVCHD -> HD 720p 60"

                                                                                      1280x720p       50.00 fps        "PAL -> AVCHD -> HD 720p 50"


                                                                                      1920x1080p     30.00 fps        "NTSC -> Hard Disk, Flash Memory Camcorders

                                                                                                                                                  -> Digicam_AVC_1080p30"


                                                                                      1280x720p       30.00 fps        "NTSC -> Hard Disk, Flash Memory Camcorders

                                                                                                                                                  -> Digicam_MJPEG_720p30"


                                                                                      1280x720p       24.00 fps        "NTSC -> Hard Disk, Flash Memory Camcorders

                                                                                                                                                  -> Digicam_MJPEG_720p24"


                                                                                      1280x720p       23.976 fps        "NTSC -> HDV -> HDV 720p 24"


                                                                          And of course, the original presets that came with PE8 (not shown above) will still be available.


                                                              Usage notes


                                                              Digicam presets: 29.97fps vs 30.00 fps, 23.976fps vs 24.00fps


                                                                          The NTSC TV-format has a video refresh-rate of 59.94 Hz.  For proper distribution/broadcast in the NTSC market, a video project must use one of the following frame-rates:  59.94, 29.97, 23.976.  However, many video-capable digital cameras only offer a movie-mode intended for PC applications (youtube, facebook upload, etc.), where strict NTSC compliance is unnecessary.  Thus, the 24.00fps and 30.00fps modes are intended for these cameras, which (rather than playback on an HDTV set.)

                                                                          For example, the movie-mode of the Nikon D3s/D300s/D90 records 1280x70p HD-video at 24.00 fps.  The MJPEG movie-mode of the Panasonic ZS1/TZ5 records 1280x720p HD-video at 30.00 fps.  FInally, prior to the 2.0.3 firmware release the Canon 5D Mark II (5DM2) recorded 1920x1080p video at 30.00fps.  (Later firmware changed the video-capture from 30.00 to 29.97 fps to comply with NTSC.)

                                                                          In short:


                                                                          1) 24.00fps and 30.00fps presets should only be used with Digicams that shoot at exactly that rate

                                                                                      This applies to most HD movie-modes that record to the MJPEG format.


                                                                          2) Footage from NTSC HDV and AVCHD equipment should NOT use the "Digicam" presets.


                                                                          3) The Digicam_AVC_1080p30 preset is intended only for 'legacy footage' (pre-2.0.3 firmware) shot on the Canon 5DM2.  Footage shot with firmware 2.0.3 (or later) should be edited with one of the NTSC-presets (23.976 or 29.97.)



                                                                          The presets configure your PE8 project to use the proper timebase, video-frame size, and video-frame type (non-interlaced.)  That's a basic requirement for editing video in the target format of your choice, but it does not address new issues that may arise with these new options.  Some of the issues are listed below:


                                                              Limitation 1: interlaced footage and progressive-scan De-interlacing


                                                                          While the new presets enable progressive-mode editing at new frame-rates (24, 50, 60 fps), it does not address workflow issues concerning de-interlacing.  Without going into excessive detail, importing interlaced-footage into a progressive-mode project may create artifacts which were not in the source footage, to appear in the rendered project.  The likelihood of this happening is summarized as follows:


                                                                                      PAL            video/camcorder                        Adobe Premiere Elements 8 (PE8)

                                                                                      Camera(sensor)            Stored            Project-Type     quality of

                                                                                      mode                bitstream                                 imported footage

                                                                          (1p)            25i                    25i                    25-interlaced            no artifacts

                                                                          (2p)            25i                    25i                    25-progressive            !! weave-artifact !!


                                                                          (3p)            25p                   25i                    25-interlaced            no artifacts

                                                                          (4p)            25p                   25i                    25-progressive            no artifacts

                                                                          (5p)            25p                   25p                   25-progressive            no artifacts


                                                                                      NTSC            video/camcorder                        Adobe Premiere Elements 8 (PE8)

                                                                                      Sensor              Stored               Project-Type     quality of

                                                                                      mode                bitstream                                 Imported footage

                                                                          (1n)            30i                    30i                    30-interlaced            no artifacts

                                                                          (2n)            30i                    30i                    30-progressive            !! weave-artifact !!


                                                                          (3n)            30p                   30i                    30-interlaced            OK, no artifacts

                                                                          (4n)            30p                   30i                    30-progressive            OK, no artifacts

                                                                          (5n)            30p                   30p                   30-progressive            OK, no artifacts


                                                                          (6n)            24p                   30i                    30-interlaced            OK, no artifacts *

                                                                          (7n)            24p                   24p                   30-interlaced            OK, no artifacts *

                                                                          (8n)            24p                   24p                   24-progressive            OK, no artifacts *

                                                                          (9n)            24p                   30i                    24-progressive            !! multiple artifacts !!


                                                                          The column 'quality  of imported footage' refers only to the importing process.  Problems during acquisition (shooting) can still happen, of course, and would be present before any other consideration.


                                                                          (2p) and (2n) : source footage that was captured by the camera in interlaced-mode will exhibit horizontal trailing lines in the rendered project.  To avoid this issue, process the source-footage in a de-interlacing program before importing it into PE8.  Deinterlacing is a time-consuming process, so it's best to minimize the usage of interlaced-footage in a progressive project.


                                                                          (9n) : The 24p (actual 23.976 fps) mode, which is popular among videographers seeking a 'cinema' look, is not friendly with PE8. This is due to the compromises made by equipment vendors to store 24p footage (imperfectly) in an interlaced bitstream, and the lack of robust de-interlacing in PE8.


                                                                          The best storage method is for the bitstream itself to be a 24p container; the footage can be directly imported directly into PE8, and will render properly.  Only a handful of consumer camorders offer this storage method.  (The Panasonic SD9, Canon HV-40 and HF-S20 are 3 such models.)


                                                                          The more common method is to convert the 24p sensor output into a 30i signal, for encoding the storage into an interlaced bitstream.  Regrettably this method causes all sorts of visual artifacts in PE8: frame duplication, frame skipping, and weave artifacts.  To avoid this issue, the source 24p-footage must be pre-processed with a de-interlacing program capable of inverse-telecine, a method of recovering 24p footage from the 30i bitstream. 


                                                              Limitation 2: Performance issues with 1080p50/1080p60 editing


                                                                          New presets may make it possible to create a 1080p50/60 timeline and edit it, but there is no guarantee PE8 will do so reliably or smoothly.  Bear in mind that PE8 was never designed to edit 1080p60 video, which requires roughly twice the CPU power to edit as normal FullHD video (due to a doubling of the video-frame rate.)  If your PC was already maxed out working on FullHD projects @ 30fps (or crashing occasionally), then expect the editing-experience @ 1080p60 to be no better (and probably much worse.) 



                                                              Known problems


                                                              Problem 1: When creating a new project, the written descriptions in the Setup dialog are wrong.  For example, all of them say 'interlaced video'.


                                                                          A1: This is harmless, you can safely ignore the description.  In the *.sqpreset files, the description is a stored as a separate XML-field.  Since there were many fields to update (1 per language), and they do not affect the operation of the program, they were left alone.


                                                              Problem 2: After creating a new project with a 24p/30p/50p/60p preset, the video timeline display is inaccurate.


                                                                          A2: Every effort was made to determine and use the correct <VideoTimeDisplay> value, but some of the new presets  may use the wrong value.  To fix this, go to the Project Settings dialog-box:


                                                                                      1) Edit -> Project Settings -> General

                                                                                      2) Inside [Video], re-select the "Display Format", then click OK.

                                                                                      3) Save the project.


                                                                          The timeline display will now be fixed for that project.  (You'll only need to repeat the process when you create a new project.)


                                                              Problem 3: The new presets don't work on the Mac version of PE8.


                                                                          A3: Sorry, none of these were tested on a Mac.


                                                                          Based on what was seen in the *.sqpreset files, everything except the "Digicam_MJPEG" modes should work on both platforms.  Both the Mac and PC versions share the same GUIDs for the editing-modes selected by the new presets.


                                                              Problem 4: When either "Full HD 1080p 50" or "Full HD 1080p 60" is selected, the Editing Mode description shows "Sony XDCAM EX720p".


                                                                          A4:This is harmless, you can safely ignore the description.  (From a technical standpoint, the underlying <EditingModeGUID> restricts the available frame-rates to those explicitly enumerated by the editing-mode.  In the case of 50p and 60p, the underlying AVCHD editing-mode did not have them, but XDCAM EX720p did have them.)


                                                              Problem 5: If I play 24p camcorder footage (eg. Canon HV30, Panasonic HS-300) in a media-player (such as Windows 7 media player), it looks fine.  But when I add the footage to a 24p project, the video renders with visual problems: trailing horizontal lines, and/or jerking/stuttering video (i.e. frame skipping and duplication).


                                                                          A5: This is the de-interlacing issue discussed in the "Limitation 1" section of the Usage Notes.  In short, most '24p' camcorders store the footage in an interlaced bitstream (container.)  PE8's basic deinterlacer cannot recover the 24p frames properly from the interlaced-bitstream, and the field-interpretation errors will cause visual artifacts in the imported footage.

                                                                          To fix this, you will need to inverse-telecine (IVTC) the source-footage before importing it into your project.  PE8 does not inverse-telecine; this function is left to separate third-party programs, such as Cineform's Neoscene and ShedWorx's VoltaicHD.


                                                              Problem 6: When I add AVCHD-lite footage (1280x720p50[/60]) to a 720p50[/60] project, the footage properties are reported as 25[/30]fps.  If I step through the video frame-by-frame, each frame is played twice, so motion is not as smooth as a true 50[/60]p video.


                                                                          A6: This is not an error -- it is the expected behavior for the Panasonic AVCHD-lite recorders (ZS3/TZ7, FZ38, GF1, etc.)  These models capture video (at the sensor) at a frame-rate of 25[/30].  The camera's AVCHD-lite encoder stores the video in a 50[/60]p bitstream, using a frame-doubling process to fit the 25[/30] native footage into the bitstream.  This is documented in the camera's product manual. 

                                                                          When you use PE8 to query the properties of the (footage) source file, it will report 25[/30] fps (and not 50[/60] fps), because that is the true rate of the coded pictures in the bitstream.  Other tools (inaccurately) report report 50[/60] fps because they.do not parse the frame-doubling indicator in the AVHCD-lite bitstream.




                                                              1.00 - March 27, 2010

                                                                          first public release


                                                              • 28. Re: Premiere Elements 8: new editing presets for 24p/25p/30p/50p/60p
                                                                darrask Level 1

                                                                Hi jkent, thank you for your presets. I used your Digicam 720p 30fps preset (for my GH1) as a model to understand how to create my own presets.

                                                                (pity us who have to hack the program to make it usable)


                                                                However, I stumble upon one problem:


                                                                This line causes APE8 to be unable to render the video (after pressing Enter, the rendering window appears but it does not start, the window disappears and the clip is played back)


                                                                Replacing this line with the editingmodeGUID code from Adobe's HDV 720p 30 preset resolves the problem.


                                                                I'd like to understand why (what does this line specify?), and if it's a problem if I use this editingmodeGUID.