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    Datagrid data is not loaded for the first time


      Hi All,


      I am facing a weired problem from past few days. I have a flex application which calls a function from pne of my java class to load the data into datagrid.


      I have used LinkBar and ViewStack in my application. When I click any of the link in the LinkBar, the corresponding canvas in the viewstack is made visible and I call my actionscript method to get the data for selected child's datagrid.


      However, the data is not displayed when on the first click but its visible on the subsequent clicks. The server comnsole shows that data is being send from the Java class and the RemoteObject result handleer confirms that the data is received but its not being showed in the datagrid on the first time.


      I am struggling hard to find the issue. Please help.



      Hitesh Patel.