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    need help w/ video in Flash..




      Okay, let me explain my specific situation and then hopefully someone can give me some tips on what prefs/specs/code? to go with.


      Here is what I'm wanting to do:


      I want to import a video for optional playback into a flash animation. Now, the animation is a loop and replays after 120 frames or so. I noticed when I exported my moviemaker video and imported it into flash, it automatically asked me if i wanted it to arrange it to fit or not. the thing is, i don't want the video to automatically play like flash does for default. What i want is to be able to have it look like how a video looks in youtube 'before' you play it..you know how it has that 'arrow' sitting on it with a black screen showing

      you that it's ready to be played if you want it to? well, that's what i want. so, if someone stumbles upon my animation loop on the web, they will see a little video in the upper corner that has the ability to play but it doesn't start

      playing right when they get to the page.

      Also, when they play the video, the length is obviously longer than the loop of my animation, but I obviously don't want it cutting off when my loops ends and restarts, so is there a way to code where it will keep playing on it's own timeline apart from what the flash animation loop is doing? (it should be able to play all the way through, end, and be able to be played again no matter how many loops the animation goes through)


      second thing i want, is the video to be small..like maybe 220 X 180 in size. Now, when i exported in Moviemaker, I actually got a video size that I liked but the quality looked poor and sounded poor (I went with the Pocket PC export 148kbps or something like that). Now, was the quality poor just because Flash had to cut it off because of the animation loop restarting or is it going to be poor just cuz PocketPC export is a bad choice? In other words, what export choice should I go with in Moviemaker to get the desired results i want (with the desired width + height I want as well)?


      Do you have to code to make it be a video that's got the arrow/blk bkgrd i.e. not playable til a user clicks...or do you just have to export it a certain way in Moviemaker to make it's format that way?


      Please let me know..thx..(P.S. keep in mind, i'm a total newb, so if you start speaking in code talk, it will totally go over my head lol)
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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          add an flvplayback component to your fla and use the parameters panel to assign your components parameters.

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            PinkW Level 1

            could you more instructive/explanative about what you mean? i don't know what a 'flvplayback component' is?
            and by 'fla' you mean my document/animation in general, right?


            maybe we could make this easier if i uploaded my document somewhere and we could trade back and
            forth the file online until I understand how it works? i'm kinda visual person when it comes to learning
            but i don't know if this forum lets you upload stuff, i may have to find somewhere else to upload it to.

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              kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              what actionscript version are you using?

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                PinkW Level 1

                I have Flash 2004 version 7.0, which has actionscript 2.0 (I think, pretty sure)

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                  PinkW Level 1



                  I don't know if you were told that 7 has what 8 has, but this tutorial is for 8. The very first

                  step I tried in the tutorial which has the flv playback component isn't in my components

                  menu. I have a lot of stuff in there, but not that one.


                  Do I have to download it from somewhere maybe? do something else to get it in the menu

                  somehow? or is there a tutorial perhaps for F 7.0?
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                    kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                    oops, my error.  you'll need to use the mediadisplay component:



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                      PinkW Level 1

                      aw dude, i have to pay for a subscription to see that tutorial, that's a no go for me.

                      are you sure you don't want to try having me upload my file in a zip somewhere
                      & you could add the flv player in my document (i'll even upload the video so you
                      could just drop it in there) i mean learning it myself would be fine, but i don't want
                      to pay 10 bucks for a short tutorial when i could probably find the solution for free
                      on the forums or online somewhere..

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                        kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                        i don't usually download and correct files unless i'm hired.


                        and, sorry about that subscription site.


                        try this one:  http://www.layersmagazine.com/integrating-video-flash.html

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                          PinkW Level 1

                          Man, these are great instructions bro but darn, everytime i run into the component part,

                          my program doesn't have what it's talking about. In this instance, when I get to the

                          'insert media component playback' part, when I open my components panel, I don't

                          have those 'data components' or 'media components' located in there. All I have is

                          UI components. If I open up UI components, the media component is not in there.

                          It's weird too because this tutorial is specifically for MX 2004, which is what I have.

                          It *feels like to me that maybe I'm supposed to download something or add something

                          to my program to get those components to show up in there? you think? I mean, it's
                          strange to me that I don't have them since I purchased this program in full. it alarms
                          me that they aren't included with my program! whynot?
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                            Rothrock Level 5

                            Actually I think back in the MX 2004 days there was MX2004 and MX2004pro. And I think the media components only came with the professional version.


                            If you go to the little menu in the upper right corner of your library and click the drop down is there a something that says "New Video"? If so then you will either need to upgrade to a newer version of MX2004 or you will need to use the NetStream Class to write your own player.

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                              PinkW Level 1

                              Ok, I looked in the menu and yeah, it does say 'new video' towards the top.


                              So I need to upgrade or create my own. Creating my own probably isn't good
                              for me being that i'm code newb so how much is an upgrade and do you have
                              a link you could drop in here?


                              Oh, also, I just clicked in the 'about flash' to see exactly what I have (whether
                              it's pro or not) and I noticed that 'Educational' is after the MX 2004 part. Does
                              that mean anything? Was there an Educational version that came out as well
                              or is that synonymous with Pro? or synonymous with non-Pro? they didn't
                              make this very easy did they? lol they should've just gave all versions the
                              media components, geez.

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                                kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                                educational software is generally going to be lower-priced and dumbed-down.  but i don't know specifically about flash mx.


                                nevertheless, you can use what you've got with that video object you can create by clicking on your library's options menu:


                                see if this tutorial covers anything you don't have:



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                                  Rothrock Level 5

                                  Flash MX04 was released several years ago and at the time video on the web was very new and almost nobody did it. So the choice back then to have out-of-the-box video tools was clearly a "pro" thing. It was an important feature that people at the time were willing to pay extra for.


                                  The educational versions of the software have always been complete versions of the software. And I think you could get educational versions of either regular or pro. It wasn't really a difference in the software, just a difference in the price and the license. If you weren't aware that you had the educational version then you probably don't really qualify for having it because you would have been required to show proof of your student status.


                                  Since MX04 there has been Flash 8, CS3, CS4, and in about two weeks CS5 will be coming out....


                                  I was just about to say that I didn't think there would be an upgrade path from MX 2004 since it was so old, but evidently there is:


                                  http://store1.adobe.com/cfusion/store/html/index.cfm?&event=displayStoreSelector&keyword=f lash_upg


                                  It shows Flash MX2004 upgrade to CS4 for $199 (if you are in the United States). Of course I don't know what will happen with CS5 coming out in a few weeks. I would imagine that the MX04 part would go away and it would only reach back as far as Flash 8....

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                                    PinkW Level 1

                                    Thanks for the info.


                                    Well, I tried the latest tutorial posted to do it that way, but now I'm having newly created

                                    problems. When I get to the part in the tutorial about converting the avi video to flv, i am not

                                    able to have a successful conversion using the riva program. it isn't able to do a conversion

                                    and gives me a stated reason due to 'codecs' or something.


                                    Secondly, after entering in the 'new video' template and the corresponding play and rewind

                                    buttons, when I go to preview my animation now, it causes certain things in my animation to


                                    stop animating, which definitely isn't good. Maybe it's just cause I hadn't finished the tutorial

                                    due to the flv not being added to the video template yet, but either way, I'm not able to get it done.

                                    Also, if I read further on into the tutorial, it talk

                                    s about creating a playlist, not putting the flv into

                                    the template video I created, so that is confusing to me. I mean, is the playlist creating the part

                                    where your flv gets integrated into the template you made or are those instructions missing from the tutorial?

                                    it seems like they are.


                                    In any case, I might just go ahead and upgrade (even though $199 is *ouch* to my wallet) since the

                                    media component seems like an easier route to get a better-looking player, as I had to create my 'own'
                                    buttons with this latest tutorial route.
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                                      Rothrock Level 5

                                      Flash can't play an avi, regardless of whether you have the media component or not. So you will most likely still have problems with the conversion process.


                                      Also it is generally good to try and follow a tutorial in a brand new empty file to make sure you are following it correctly and get it working. Then you can work on integrating it into your existing project.

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                                        PinkW Level 1

                                        whoa whoa, wait. i just realized my video is a wmv, not an avi. so i'm trying to convert a wmv to an flv with riva.

                                        Maybe that's why it was having transfer problems..maybe you can't convert a wmv to a flv?


                                        i agree that i should start the tutorial in a new file, which I've started, but I can't move on to finish
                                        the tutorial until I can get that step done with the conversion. I've went up to the play and rewind
                                        buttons for the new doc though, so I'm sitting at that point (in a new doc)


                                        Any advice on how to convert a wmv to an flv?

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                                          Rothrock Level 5

                                          I find WMV files are difficult to work with and haven't had any luck converting them. Additionally I think they are fairly compressed, so even if you do find a program that can convert them the quality is likely to be very low.

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                                            PinkW Level 1

                                            okay, maybe a better way to ask then is to ask about Moviemaker (since that is where the origin of my video comes from)


                                            There's like a gabillion export options from Moviemaker's save movie option. I just chose the recommended (which was wmv)
                                            but you can tell MM that you want to choose how you want it export it. Problem is, I'm not a file expert so I wouldn't know
                                            what to choose in there but if i recall right, there was no option for flv, just other 'types' of formats. Do you have Moviemaker
                                            on your computer? maybe you could look in their export options if you know about file types and tell me what my best
                                            bet would be for export for a successful conversion. Keep in mind, I want the audio to be in stereo (not mono) as the video
                                            is supposed to have good audio, as well as video. I know some formats probably make the audio sound like ish.


                                            Lemme know if you have any suggestions. Thx

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                                              Rothrock Level 5

                                              Really don't know anything about MovieMaker. But generally you will want the least compressed, best quality source video to go run through the FLV encoder.


                                              AVI (windows) and MOV (mac) are the most popular containers for video, but inside of them there can be all kinds of codecs—some that are compatible and others otherwise.


                                              Don't try and get a very small AVI or MOV and then run it through the encoder because it will likely not work. Start with good quality and then compress.

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                                                PinkW Level 1

                                                Does anyone else (not @Rothrock) who might be reading over this thread know anything about exporting Moviemaker
                                                videos? How do you get an AVI? I don't see that extension on export..


                                                Furthermore, my best guess for exporting a good compressed video would be Moviemaker's default export choice,
                                                which is what made my WMV to begin with, so I'm lost basically until I can get some help with export option.
                                                I guess I'll try to find a Moviemaker forum

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                                                  PinkW Level 1

                                                  Ok, I FINNAALLY got my wmv to switch to flv.


                                                  However, after trying that tutorial in a new file, it doesn't work right. It does load my video in the stream

                                                  and play it, and it plays it awesome i might add quality-wise, but the problem is that it automatically

                                                  starts playing (even though the code in that tutorial has a stop code as the very first thing) and then

                                                  the play and rewind buttons don't work no matter where i put the code for them. i think the tutorial

                                                  might be missing some info or something, i don't know.


                                                  the other thing that is quite alarming, is that if i put the netstream final thing into my real project,

                                                  for some reason, any thing that animates on my loop is now stopped. The video will automatically

                                                  start playing as I said above, but all my other animation doesn't go through it's endless looping

                                                  like it should.


                                                  So, i need some code that will create a flv player that doesn't play the video automatically i.e. the

                                                  buttons should be choices so that it will play only if they are clicked and also i need the video
                                                  to be able to be a seperate timeline from the reg. animation loop i got going. how do i achieve
                                                  this? any other tutorials or anybody know the code?
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                                                    PinkW Level 1

                                                    I'm actually not having a problem with conversion anymore. I got my video converted using

                                                    a program different from Riva.


                                                    All I need now is code to be able to have the video on a seperate timeline from the stage,
                                                    and to have the play button trigger it (without the video starting automatically) and the
                                                    video restarting automatically after it ends (so it can be restarted again)


                                                    I don't want to buy another program to do this, but I have a suggestion/idea. I'll pay someone
                                                    $10 via Paypal if they write the code to do this. I will upload my file in a zip either on this forum
                                                    or someone where it can be downloaded for someone to work on. Shouldn't take more than 10
                                                    minutes for someone who is really good with code in Flash. The file will be an example file
                                                    (just like my file but simplified with simple shapes) since the file is too big to upload. All the
                                                    hired person would need to do is put the code onto the right areas (the video object will be
                                                    in there for you, etc.


                                                    Let me know and we can work out the deal..Thanks..