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    A questions of the newbie in the adobe air.


      Hello everybody!


      I'm trying to learn the "air" again. My first trying was at the time when air had been with very very bad support of linux systems. And questions.

        First of all. I know here is a custom build of the flash player 10 for a 64bit versions of linux, why did not do something like it with air ? What the reason to not build a 64 bit version of it ? even java and mono has a 64bit versions. Heh, guys, nobody uses i386 distros on their desktops k.


      A second question. I would to program javascript with using prototype.js framework, and have found that there some functions does not work properly.

      exactly class constructor and some array functions which does not want to work with arrays of the objects. It's a good idea to develop air applications with prototype.js ? I just love this framework, but as i see here is some problems, and i'm afraid that it will entirely not working in a next versions of the adobe air. Have i choose something else insted of the prototype.js and which one ?