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    Import projects from Premiere Elements 2.0


      I am using Adobe Premiere Elements 2.0 and I have a saved project that I want to open in a more recent version. My friend has vista and if I download a more recent version on his computer, will I be able to open and view my saved project from 2.0? And if so, which versions will allow me to do this?


      P.S. Unfortunately, it messes up everytime I try to export as quicktime/windows media/or as a movie, so instead I just want open it and watch it in the editing window. But since 2.0 is not supported on vista ( I use xp), I need to download a different version to view it on his computer.

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          Well, often Projects from older versions will Open in later versions, though sometimes not with everything intact. Each version adds certain features, and sometimes, features, like Transitions, are eliminated. You success will be based on a great big "it depends."


          As for which versions will be better at opening a PrE 2.0 Project, one will likely be limited. PrE 8 is the current version. There might be a trial for PrE 7 still up on the Adobe site, but I do not know with certainty. Of those two, I would think that PrE 7 might be the better candidate, but there will still be no guarantee that your PrE 2.0 will Open, or Open properly.


          Personally, I would Export/Share (do not remember the exact syntax in PrE 2.0) to DV-AVI and then just play that resulting file on the friend's computer.


          Good luck,



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            Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

            I agree with Hunt. With the exception of the most recent versions of the program, Premiere Elements goes through such a major overhaul with each generation that opening an older project with a newer version of the program almost always leads to issues.