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    Dynamically adding combobox and other controls to new empty movie clip via AS2




      I'm using Flash Pro CS4, and ActionScript 2, and I'm trying to create objects dynamically, through code, rather than through the designer in Flash. Here is a code snippet to give you an idea:


      // create movie clip

      converter_mc = target.createEmptyMovieClip ("converter", depth);

      converter_mc._x = x;

      converter_mc._y = y;


      //... add various controls such as the following:

      cboTest = converter_mc.createClassObject (ComboBox, "picker", converter_mc.getNextHighestDepth()); // <-- this does not work

      cboTest.setSize (200, cboTest.height);

      cboTest.move (cboTest.x, 10);

      cboTest.dataProvider = [{label:"Select Target Currency", data:null}, {label:"Canadian to U.S. dollar", data:"US"}, {label:"Canadian to UK Pound Sterling", data:"UK"}, {label:"Canadian to Euro", data:"EU"}];


      // convert_mc.addChild(cboTest); // <-- this does not work


      I tried using the converter_mc.createClassObject but that seems to be something that existed in previous versions of Flash but has changed (to what, I can't figured out). I've also seen examples of the addChild but I think this might be only in AS3 and it also does not appear to work for me in AS2.


      Any suggestions/thoughts on how I can add components to a new movie clip via ActionScript 2?