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    Organizer no longer available?

    jgaasbeek001 Level 1

      Just tonight I had (another) unpleasent surprise using Premiere Elements: I can no longer access the organizer. Only the limited organizer within Premiere is available, but I can no longer switch to the full organizer within Photoshop. The organizer seems to crash before it has fully started. I noticed that there is already a post on the Photoshop Elements forum, but no solution.  Hope someone knows what is going on, and how it can be resolved. The never ending storing of anoying bugs in  Elements 8?


      Kind regards

      Jan Maarten


      Ps. I uninstallen and reinstalled both Adobe applications as well as the nVidia driver update to 197.13 that was advertised by nVidia earlier this week, but without succes.

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          Have you tried rebuilding your Organizer catalog, per the FAQs to the right of this forum?


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            I just posted a thread on this somewhere else asking this same question. I wondered what in the world was going on. I paid close to $100.00 for this and now after 2 months it is not working.

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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              Did you try Steve's suggestion?


              Did that work for you?



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                jgaasbeek001 Level 1

                The problem is that the organizer cannot be accessed. I tried opening the catalog-file from windows explorer, but this too failed. I also tried opening some older catalog files this way, but that too failed. A little bit later I noticed that also the audio meters are not showing on screen. The audio mixer screen however shows up normally. I have not tested other screens, as I again began to feel sick about this: Adobe PSE/PRE 8 is not only difiicult in getting it installed, but it also turns out to be very vulnerable for updates (which I think should be suspected) applied to your computer afterwards.

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                  Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                  You can't even browse to your catalog files, using the technique described in the FAQs? Something must be set up incorrectly on your system.


                  Have you contacted Adobe Tech Support?


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                    jgaasbeek001 Level 1



                    Thanks for responding and congretulations with your new book coming out. Yes, there must be something wrong with the settings, otherwise I would not have this issue. Only thing is that untill about a week ago, the organizer (and audio meters, perhaps I'd better open a new thread for that one) worked fine. The only thins that I know have happened is that several Windows updates were installed as well as that I applied a nVidia update to keep up to date with the video drivers as recommended on this side. The nVidia update could easily be reverted, but as I explained, that did not do the trick. I know I am not the only one have difficulties with the organiser, because on the PSE forum, this issue is reported also. As you may remember also, there have been a number of threads on this forum on how PRE was working or not for the users. Well, even if you have gotten it working, that is no guarentee that it keeps working.............


                    About contacting support: they go home when I do, so I cannot contact them when using the computer I have installed PRE / PSE on, which is at home. I am not willing to take time off only to resolve issues that are caused by expensive unrealible software I am using for my hobby.


                    Kind regarsd

                    Jan Maarten

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                      the_wine_snob Level 9



                      Just in case you have not done so already, please check the Web site for your video card (I'd do the audio, at the same time), download and install the very latest driver. Simple OS updates and hot-fixes can render a video driver obsolete instantly. PrE interfaces very heavily with your video driver. Much more so, than almost any other program.


                      Let us know if things improve.


                      Good luck,



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                        Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                        You can also use, as an alternative to the Organizer, the free download Picasa, which functions similarly.


                        Otherwise, I'm not sure how much more help we can give you. Hunt and the rest of the team to suggest some general fixes, but your system may need some specific troubleshooting when we aren't able to give. Sorry. Hope you find a solution.

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                          the_wine_snob Level 9

                          Another thought, as this worked fine not that long ago, would be to go to a previous System Restore Point, back when it worked OK.


                          First, do a manual System Restore Point for NOW. Then reboot into Safe Mode, and choose a System Restore Point from back when all things worked. Reboot and test. Does that get things working?


                          If so, then something in that time interval has changed, and the task is to figure out what it was, and how to get things working with that/those change(s).


                          By creating a NOW System Restore Point, one has not lost anything, as they would just repeat the process (if things do not improve), choosing the NOW System Restore Point to get back to today - nothing lost.


                          Good luck,



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                            Eastexchis Level 1

                            I am really tempted to just remove this program from my computer and use one of the free web based ones. If my husband had not paid so much for it for me for Christmas I would just give up and say to heck with it and forget it. And you can bet Adobe is not offering our money back even with a receipt ?? I have had my progam for a little over 90 days. What do you say Adobe??



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                              the_wine_snob Level 9



                              What do you say Adobe??


                              Unfortunately, we are all just users here. You will need to contact Adobe, via the Contact button at the top of the page.


                              Other than suggest solutions, or at least tests, we are powerless.


                              Good luck,



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                                toxryan Level 2

                                Hey Becky,


                                Are you still facing this problem. In case you are, please see if you have marked data for syncing or not. And if you have (here I  assume that the sync was going on while you were trying to access the Organizer), pause the sync and now try to access the Organizer.

                                Let me know if that helps.