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    "Error" seems to be an unknown type for Flex


      Using Flash Builder 4 with SDK 3.5.


      Having a simple



      try {

        var jsVar:String = ExternalInterface.call("overrideUserConfigXmlPath");

        if (jsVar != "") overrideUserConfigXmlPath = jsVar;

      } catch(e:Error) { // <<<<<<< Error seems to be an unknown type???





      in an mxml file.


      Flex compiler reports a


      1046: Type was not found or was not a compile-time constant: Error.


      for the line marked above. Any idea? I've tried several imports but nothing resolves the problem. What's the fully qualified name for the Error type? Isn't it supposed to be available?


      Also Flex shows a little red "D" when I hover over the type, see image.


      Please help! We are stuck here.