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    Device not suitable

    Nevada Mountain Man

      I finished several projects with PE8 successfully on my machine: Windows 7, 6GB RAM, i7 processor. Then I did a small project containing relatively few edits on files that included AVI, MP4, and stills. I successfully wrote it to a DVD. Then I added menus, and the result was "device not suitable" after rendering but before writing the DVD. The DVD was not written at all. I tried deleting the menus, deleting all of the PE cache and other temp files, rebooting, and I tried it on two computers, all with the same result. I even got the same message writing "to folder".


      I successfully finished the project by rendering the video to a single AVI file, starting a new project, adding the menu, and successully burning it to DVD.


      I am very nervous about being able to complete projects with PE8. I also see occasional crashes. The last time, after successfully writing the DVD, I received a crash message simply trying to close PE. Originally, I couldn't start a new project without PE hanging, but that went away after some Windows 7 updates. I have, so far, been unable to xport frames (File/Export is grayed out).


      Has anyone found a better solution to the "device not suitable" problem? Does PE8 run flawlessly in Windows XP? Does everyone else see PE8 as stable? Can we expect improvements from Adobe?