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    System Audio greyed out for Audio selection


      I want to record the audio from the system rather than narrate over a video I'm recrding. Why would the "Sytem Audio" option be greyed out in the record options?

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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          Hi maffpunton

          As I understand it, it has more to do with your own audio capabilities on your PC than anything else. I got this from TechSmith when the option wasn't available for me using Camtasia. As it still isn't an option for me in Captivate, I can only assume their explanation was correct.

          There are other options, such as acquiring a patch cable that runs about $5 from Radio Shack and running from the Speaker out jack right back into the Mic in jack. Or, you could purchase a mixer that would do this as well as provide an ability to blend a microphone input in there too.

          Cheers... Rick