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    Spry menu positioning help

    Emilio Corsetti

      I have literally spent the last three days (eight to ten hours each day) trying to figure out how to customize a spry menu for CS4. I've looked at countless tutorials (most of which were written for CS3), I've combed through articles and threads; I've read the online stuff on the spry site. I've been over my Dreamweaver The Missing Manual book a dozen times. Since site navigation is one of the most basic features of web design, you would think that this would be a simple, bullet proof procedure. It's certainly easy enough to add menu items. After that it's a nightmare.


      As soon as I would get one thing working correctly, I'd preview it in a browser and see that while I might have corrected a submenu problem now I've screwed up the main menu bar's appearance or vice versa. I would get things so screwed up that I would have to trash everything and start over again. I've had to do this at least four times. One time I trashed the widget, deleted all the spry assets, and inserted a brand new menu. I did a preview in a browser of the new plain menu and and all of the messed up settings from the previous spry job was now affecting the brand new menu. WTF? How can that be? I saved, closed, and restarted and it was back to normal. But that doesn't give me a lot of confidence about what I'm seeing in live view.


      Okay, so now It's three days later and on my fifth attempt and I actually got everything working like it's supposed to. All I want to do now is position the menubar. Right now it's floated left against a menu div with a background. The menu div is 40 px high. The spry menubar is also sitting at the top of the div and looks terrible. I don't want it centered in the div and I don't want it flush left sitting at the top. All I want to do is move it to the right to match other page content and center the menubar vertically in the div. I've tried adding padding to the div and that messes up the divs appearance. I've tried adding margins, I've tried adding padding to the top level ul.menubarhorizontal (it really didn't like that). Bottom line is I'm afraid to touch anything for fear that the whole thing will collapse and I'll have to start over again. The page I'm working on is going to be a template for an entire site. So I can't do anything else until I solve this problem. Can someone help? Please?