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    please help me debug this tutorial/script in CS3

    Nelson M

      I have been trying to get this rotating banner script into this website.

      http://www.communitymx.com/content/article.cfm?cid=651FF into http://www.relaxandeat.com.

      When I do it in a blank page, it works. Here is the problems I am seeing. I can add my first image, name it rotator. When I click on the <body> tag as directed, the whole page is selected. Then I try to add a behavior, swap images, and my image that I named rotator will not come up in the box of selections. I keep getting a bunch of weird image names that don't even mean anything.

      I really can't go from there. Where my <body> tag is there are also other tags in addition to the 

      Can anyone shed some light on this. There is an example that can be downloaded. Should I just copy the code and paste it in?

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          martcol Level 4

          I'm not sure if this will help sort your problem out but...


          You have not declared a DocType in your page.  I think this is important and I'm guessing that it might affect the Javascript.


          You have a <center> tag at the top which a) I don't think gets closed and b) is deprectated and c) it appears above the <body> tag which, is bad form.  I'm guessing that you are using that to center the table on the page but you should do that on a wrapper <div> or perhaps on your table.


          This article shows how to center content.


          You would do well to validate your page.