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    Clouds Fill Layer

    Semaphoric Adobe Community Professional

      The Clouds filter has been unchanged for years. I suggest an updated version as a Fill Layer. Double-clicking on the thumbnail would bring up a Palette where you would select the foreground and background colors, and a Scale control, which I've always missed with the current filter.

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          cibgraphics Level 1

          Just write an Action or a Script.

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            Semaphoric Adobe Community Professional

            But that would just create a new rendered layer. If you scale that down, you loose the fill on the sides. I want something that will adjust the parameters, especially Scale, on the fly, as you can with the Pattern and Gradient Fill Layers.


            Like here, I started with a 1600x1200 pixel image, ran Clouds, scaled the image down to 25%, and rean clouds again on the right side, to show the difference in scale.




            I want to be able to go continuously from one to the other, without having to resize the entire document. You could also stack several of these layers, and adjust the Scaling for each, to build up more complex effects, that you could continue to adjust.


            Also: indepenent scaling for vertical and horizontal (with a button to link them), and a button to re-seed the generator.

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              c.pfaffenbichler Level 9

              A workaround might be to apply the Filter to a Smart Object within a Smart Object, which could on downscaling within the document easily be increased in Image Size to fill the document’s canvas again … a bit cumbersome admittedly.