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    Exporting to .MOV works sometimes and not others? Help?


      I've been working on an animation project, but I'm really new at this.


      I need to export my different clips as .mov files. Sometimes, this works great. But most of the time, the .mov exports as a still image (the first frame of my clip). When I export as a .swf file, this works fine. I can play them, etc. However, I can't convert the file from .swf to .mov. Usually I get an error saying there is no relevant data to export or that the file is corrupted. I know the file isn't corrupted, so that's not it.


      I think the problem might be that not all of my animation is on the main timeline. Still, I can't tell the difference between the files that did export correctly and those that didn't. And I'm really hoping that I can do this without putting all of my animation on the main timeline. But like I said, I'm new at this.


      I need to edit using Final Cut Pro, so I can't use the .swf files without conversion.


      Thanks in advance for any help! I really need it.