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    Export problem help me plz


      i m new to adobe captivate4 using  first time... i need to insert a swf movie into adobe captivate 4 and  have to generate scorm file for my elearning project... i am able to  insert swf files... i inserted 10 swf file in 10 different file the  problem here is... When i look preview in Brower it comes in right way  it means all slides running one after another but when i happen to see  preview in "project" when the first slide runs all other slides also  start running.. for example first slide runs for 10s actual(20s movie)  when i select second slide 10sec of movie already passed (it should  start from first).. Its giving me great trouble to to finish my  project... plz help me with solution to finish my project.........

      Thanks  in advance