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    Warning for type declaration on variable that no longer exists

      I am having a problem with Flex Builder 2. I have two lines I'm getting a warning on for not declaring a type. However, I have since changed the variable name and assigned a type to it. However I am still receiving the same error.

      Two lines in question:

      var sCurmFi:String = _xmlFamily.allfams.family[mFi];
      var sCurcmFi:String = _xmlFamilyImport.ostype.family[cmFi];

      The two errors:
      1008: var 'sCurFi' has no type declaration.
      1008: var 'sCurcFi' has no type declaration.

      The error is definitely from the same MXML file that I am pasting from, the variable named int he warning is not listed anywhere in any file that I have, at all.

      Does anyone have any ideas about this?