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    Best way to release a digital webcomic collection from Flash?

    tomwood2 Level 1

      I'm producing a series of Flash slideshow webcomics that are posted online three times a week. In keeping with the tradition of offering a collection, I'd like to someday offer them in a digital format of some sort. Each webcomic is 468x263 pixels and the SWF is about 45KB in size. They are currently filed by year/month.

      I've thought about releasing the collection on an SD card that could then be inserted into either a computer or a digital photo frame for playback. For the computer I guess the browser would be used to open them in the Flash player. But how could the Flash SWF be viewed on a digital photo frame?

      It will be a long while before I have enough material to do this, but I don't want to build a backlog and then find out I should have been saving them in a better format. I'm using CS4 AS2.