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    text to steam effect - tip wanted please

    shooternz Level 6

      Anyone able to help me with a tip please.  Graphic for a TVC eg.  'name of a recipe under a product'


      I am moving some text along a path and I wish it to fade into STEAM and dissapear in the manner of steam ( eg a fade out plus steam effect)


      Its just a little more than a fade out but I am thinking that steam rises so I need this in my "look".


      I only need help about the steam effect  please.  (The graphic and path is easy.).


      Hoping I can do it with plug ins I have eg CCs "Particles'.

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Don't use particles. Try this:


          Effect --> Stylize --> Roughen Edges, ramp up the Border and Contrast settings

          Effect --> Distort --> Turbulent Displace, set mode to Swirl, play with Size and Amount


          Then use a gradient matte or mask to blend the smoky-fied version with teh original text. You may wish to create multiple, very subtle smoke layers with very low opacity and slightly varied settings and  blend them together instead of usiung one chunky smoke layer. Add additional smoke effects with instances of Fractal Noise. You can somewhat control the flow of smoke also with distortion effects like Bezier Warp, Mesh Warp or the Puppet Tool.



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            shooternz Level 6

            Thank you for that.


            I will play with your suggestions.


            They look very promising.