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    Premiere CS4 to Encore CS4 Export  Quality Problems


      I recently purchased a non-linear editing machine with an RTX2 Matrox Card and CS4 Professional. After six or seven projects, I finally noticed that all my imported .avi files exported through Adobe Media Encoder and burned through Encore CS4 are not as crisp, sharp, or look like the original high quality SD footage after the DVD is burned like it always used to look in CS2. ( jumped from CS2 to CS4)


      These DVDs were of plays, football, and basketball games. It seems that when the camera shoots a close up, the video looks fine but after you shoot from a distance, there is a considerable difference in the footage. ( alomost blurry) I just caught this and nobody has complained but I watched one of my older DVDs I produced with CS2 and it had no quality loss whatsoever. There is a night and day difference


      For the sequences, I am using Matrox SD, NTSC, Standard, 720 x 486  and capturing with firewire through the Matrox card. The raw footage is beautiful. The Video Preview Option is NTSC Standard and the Codec is NTSC Matrox DV/DV Cam.


      I can playback a timeline from the Matrox card and burn directly to a DVD burner and the footage is perfect, but when I export, I have chosen Microsoft .avi file, Matrox DV/DV Cam/ MPEG2, and MPEG2DVD.


      I have even changed the sequences codec to Matrox MPEG-2 I-Frame and tried exporting using that out of Adobe Media Encoder and am getting the same results.


      None of my customers have complained yet, but I definitely do not want to continue producing almost blurry DVDs.


      I am using Adobe Premiere CS4 Version 4.1.0 and Encore CS4 Version and Matrox Version


      Can this problem be related to and eliminated by updating my CS4 Production Suite and my Matrox Software.


      I was wondering if anyone had experienced this same issue and what solution they came up with or if anyone knew if the updates would correct this important issue. I just filmed a lengthy play that I have to author through Encore CS4 and I cannot release any more of my productions until this problem is solved. This is a big dollar production and I need some assistance on this matter as soon as possible. Thanks  Jimi White