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    Caption margin

      Is there a way to increase the right margin of a left-aligned text caption box in Captivate 2? I can use the indent feature to create extra space on the left, but the margin on the right looks crowded.
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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          Hi Fremontia and welcome to our community

          One way to do this is to simply force the line to break where you want it using Shift+Enter. then you may drag the caption edge to create space.

          There is a way to adjust margins used by altering a file behind the scenes, but the way I mentioned is probably easier for you.

          Cheers... Rick
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            KCWebPlaza Level 1
            Captiv8r is referring to the Gallery/Captions/XYZ.fcm text files located in the Program Files subfolders. You can easily change the margins for the left/right/top/bottom of any caption style by opening up the .fcm file in Notepad and editing the appropriate line such as "Right Margin=5". However, this change cascades to each instance of the caption in all your movies.
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              Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
              Hi all

              KCWebPlaza is correct in saying that this is what I was referring to. I'm posting to say that I hesitate to even mention that approach for a couple of reasons. My primary reason is that editing these files likely will result in an exercise in frustration. Here's the deal. You insert a caption and see you wish to change the margins. You head out and locate the associated .FCM file (I think that extension represents "FlashCam Margin") You edit and make the changes and become frustrated because your changes aren't reflected in your Captivate project.

              This is because when you initially used the caption, all the caption variants and .FCM files were pulled inside the .CP file. Thus, the only way to really see the change is to create a brand new Captivate project, THEN use the caption type. Well, I fibbed a bit here, as there really is another way. You CAN copy the caption names and files to a slightly different file name. One that hasn't yet been used in your project, THEN use that caption type. If you do this you will then see the changes in place.

              Bottom line here is that if you aren't certain about which caption style you wish to use and you are playing with margins, the best approach to take is to:

              1. Edit the .FCM
              2. Create a new blank project.
              3. Create a caption and observe the results.
              4. Happy? If not, repeat the cycle. If so, open your live project and use the caption.

              Cheers... Rick