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    How to replace xtras

    Roger the Cabin Boy

      I recently had a 10-yr old Director project dumped on my desk here at work (I have a graduate assistantship dealing with random tech stuff)--but I've never used Director :-(


      Can anyone help me understand how to deal with old, no-longer-supported Xtras?



      A. AlphaMania Xtra

      The project heavily relies on AlphaMania. It seems to be used for translucent white backdrops. I have been able to get the AlphaMania Xtra recognised in MX 2004, but not in Director 11.

           - Even though it is recognised in MX 2004, when I publish it as a shockwave project embedded in a webpage, something goes wrong, because when I attempt to run that project from a browser window, I get a "missing AlphaMania Xtra" error.

           - However, when I publish it as an OSX projector, the AlphaMania stuff all initializes swimmingly.


      B. PopUp Xtra

      The project uses PopUp for some quiz-type questions. It provides drop-down menus to select the correct answer from.

           - I can get the PopUp Xtra Initialized splendedly in Director 7, but not in Director MX 2004, or in Director 11

           - I can publish perfectly-functional Mac Classic projector from Director 7, but not a functional webpage (same "missing Xtra messages when I try to run them)



      Goal: To have functional OSX  and PC executable versions of the software as well as an online version (It's a language-instruction software application)



      Here are several Ideas I have had... no need to answer all of them, just any of them that will make the project work :-)


      Q.1) Is there a way to Get these Xtras operational in Director 11?

      Q.2) Is there a way to get PopUp Xtra recognised in MX 2004?

      Q.3) Assuming I can get both Xtras recognised in MX 2004, is there a way I'd be able to publish a web version that would function?

      Q.4) Assuming Q1-3 is not possible, Is there a way to do a sort of 'global delete' for everything in the project that calls on Alphamania (I believe that's all cosmetic)

      Q.5) Is there a way to do a global find/replace on the pages with PopUp Xtra drop-down menus (I assume the drop-down menu functionality is native in MX 2004, and Director 11, and thus wouldn't require an Xtra for it.

      Q.6) Is there some way I can export/save it from Director 7 to be more forward compatible?


      Lastly, If the above is all barking up the wrong tree, can you advise another course of action?


      Thank you VERY much for any help you can provide!