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    Todo tab: Routes displayed when selecting the List View




      I have a question about the routes that appear on the workspace's  "To do" list view, and how to perform validations when they are  clicked.


      I've created a process that starts with a form being created by a  user. Then, it's validated by a sequence of other users. Each one sees a  different set of routes. On one of the steps of the process, one of the  routes requires the user to input a text.


      The condition is checked on the click  event of the AWS_SUBMIT button, where I've also put the text request. If the user is using the  card view on the "To do" tab and clicks on the item, the form opens and,  when the user submits it, all works as expected. However, if he has the  list view and clicks once on the item, the route names appear on the  bottom right of the workspace, and he's able to select them. As the form  hasn't been opened, there's no control on the selected route, and the  user is never asked to input the text. On the next step of the process,  which depends on this text, the process gets stalled.


      Is it possible to hide these routes on the workspace, disable the  list view, or stop the submit if it hasn't been started without opening  the form? I know you can customize the workspace, would this allow me  to remove the route buttons?


      The version we are using is LiveCycle ES


      Thank you