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    Contribute shows blank page when in edit mode.

    niiodartei Level 1

      I have installed Contribute for a friend so that they can update their website.

      We can connect fine - but when we try to edit the page contribute just gives a blank screen (white page)

      this happens on every page of the website that is tried.


      The guy that developed the site uses includes - i.e so there is one main page and the links use an id ref to

      go to the other parts of the site - I'm thinking this may have something to do with it?

      Any ideas on how to resolve?

      Help greatly appreciated.

      The site is - http://www.guardforcesecurity.co.uk

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          CVK-USA Level 1

          All current and previous Contribute versions can't handle server side includes.  Contribute CS5 due out at the end of this month supposedly will fix this, says Adobe. I'll reserve judgement till I saw it myself.


          So if your page basically consists of included content only, it's quite possible that you wont see much of anything in Contribute CS4 when you hit Edit Page..