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    Premier Pro CS4. Normal sound quality reduced since last week but only on footage from this year.



      Hi!    Something strange has recently happened to the audio on some of my video clips.  When placed on the timeline every clip uploaded since the beginning of 2010 only shows a sound wave for the R channel, and none for the L channel. As such the sound volume is very low even when whacked up (both on controls and with Vol effect).   Oddly though when you go into Audio Mixer, if you turn the knob to R only there is no sound, but there is when you turn it to L (although low).

      However every clip uploaded from before beginning of 2010 shows sound waves for R and for L, and the sound is perfect.

      This problem only occured the other week! Previous to this all sound clips uploaded in 2010 had L and R soundwaves and good volume. 


      I've brought the clips back in from backup copies on a portable hard drive, but all the 2010 backup copies lack a L soundwave and play low.



      I uploaded from the tapes on which the original recording is, and volume plays low during capture, and shows no L soundwave on timeline.  New material I've shot to see what happens when other footage is uploaded also results in low sound, and no L soundwave.

      The same footage plays at good volume on the camera itself, so I know it's recorded fine. 


      I've reset the workspace. No change. 

      I've started a new non-Matrox project with the 2010 footage. No change.

      I've put the 2010 footage on a timeline in Encore. Same low sound.

      Reset PC and left it turned off for periods of time. No change.

      I should also add that the PC with Premier on is not connected to Internet or Intranet.  I am definitely the only person who uses it, and I haven't uploaded any new files or programs recently.


      So I'm left with only being able to use pre 2010 footage.  Anything new I shoot will only play and burn off the PC with low sound and no L soundwave.


      I'm be really grateful to anyone who knows what I can do!


      Thank you,