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    Unable to resolve resource bundle "fiber"

    Jorge Raimundo Level 2

      Hi all!


      I'm trying to use AMF with PHP in Flash Builder 4 (plug-in version) and I'm having the following error:

      Unable to resolve resource bundle "fiber" for locale "pt_PT". dss Unknown Flex Problem


      I've found a workaround here in which they recommend to add these lines too the beginning of the eclipse.ini file:




      Nonetheless, even adding those lines to the file, I keep having the same error.


      Anyone knows what might be going wrong?


      Best regards,


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          If you're trying to...


          use Adobe's lifecycle/fiber/generated classes/RemoteObjectServiceWrapper


          import com.adobe.fiber.valueobjects.AvailablePropertyIterator

          import com.adobe.fiber.services.wrapper.RemoteObjectServiceWrapper;


          etc. etc., here's what I did:


          Don't add those two lines to your ini file. (At least, I'm using Flash Builder 4 and this wasn't necessary for me)


          import 2 swc folders (Under Properties -> Flex Build Path -> Library Path):


          /Applications/Adobe Flash Builder 4/plugins/com.adobe.flexbuilder.dcrad_4.0.0.272416/dcradSwcs/4.0/libs


          /Applications/Adobe Flash Builder 4/plugins/com.adobe.flexbuilder.dcrad_4.0.0.272416/dcradSwcs/4.0/locale


          (the latter has the swc with the locale and the locations of these files will vary, esp. if you're not on a mac)



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            I've run into the same problem, with Flash Builder 4 and the Flex 4.0.0 SDK, running on Windows 7.


            My FlashBuilder.ini file already contains both -nl and en_US, so the first solution (also suggested in another thread) didn't help.


            I was able to find the two SWC folders (libs and locale, under plugins/com.adobe.flexbuilder.dcrad_4.0.0.272416/dcradSwcs/4.0), but adding them to the Build Path didn't make the error go away.  Everything works fine if I have -locale en_US on the Flex command line, but fails with all other locales.  Does anybody have any suggestions for how to resolve this?



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              spplus Level 1

              I got the same problem with flash builder 4 and sdk 4.1


              Does anybody have any suggestions for how to resolve this?

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                Flex harUI Adobe Employee

                You need to include the fiber resources in the project libraries.


                If you create a new project using the Data/Connect to WebService menu, it

                should set up the libraries to point to the fiber resources.  Copy that to

                your existing project