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    My Sprite won't move where I want it to


      I don't understand this.  I have a maze and a sprite that is controlled using the keyboard.  My stage is 800 X 600 px and my maze is 780 X 500.  My sprite begins at the top left hand corner of the maze.  When I hit play and move the sprite towards the right, the message window tells me the colour of the next pixel that my sprite is moving over.  However when I get to around the 500px mark, it's like the maze is no longer seen by the sprite.  I really don't understand this and it's crazy.  As I move right the message window displays this:

      -- color( 10, 225, 10 ) about 50 times (note:this is the colour of the grass of my maze)
      -- color( 1, 90, 0 )
      -- color( 7, 227, 7 )
      -- color( 1, 0, 2 )
      -- 0

      -- 0

      -- 0

      -- 0

      -- 0 etc.



      I have a feeling it is something to do with reference points of my sprite and my maze? If so, how do I set/change them?


      Any help greatly appreciated.  Thanks in advance.