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    Does Premiere require a powereful PC rather than a laptop?  If so, any recommendations?

    IAN JULIAN Level 1

      For many years I have used Elements, and have 32,000 in Organizer.  My intention this year is to learn Premiere 8 for movies clips.


      I have used laptops also for years, and prefer them and enjoy the convenience, but wonder if I actually require a fast, powerful, reliable PC for Premiere.  It kept malfunctioning and would crash, so I have just reinstalled it (even that played up), and it opened with a warning about being low on and to proceed with caution.   I have learned to be slow, very slow, before trying to do anything.


      I do have a top of the range Sony laptop, 2 years old, but wonder if the fault lies here, being a laptop, rather than a faulty programme.  I do intend to go for something more powerful anyway, and would like a recommendation.