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    Trying to deactivate PRE8 on one computer, to register on another


      Greetings, all.


      I got a new computer, and when I loaded PRE8 on it, I was told that I exceeded my allowed installs of PRE8 per my license.  One of the options it gave me was to deactivate PRE8 on one of my other computers, and it had to be verifiable by Adobe.


      So, I launch PRE8 on the computer I wish to deactivate it on, and after much hunting, find the deactivate function under the HELP pulldown.  But, guess what?  The deactivate link is never hot.  I've rebooted the computer, turned off the (new) computer with the PRE8 Loaded, but nothing seems to help.


      Do I have to uninstall the program on the new computer before I can deactivate it on the old one?  I'd really rather not do that if I don't have to.


      Thoughts?  Suggestions?