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    Problem Running .mxml in Vista

      Just installed Flex 3 on Vista Enterprise machine. When running a .mxml file to preview, get the following message:

      "Alternate HTML content should be placed here. This content requires the Adobe Flash Player. Get Flash"

      When going to Adobe site, flash runs/installs fine. When restarting and running again in Flex 3, the above message continues to appear. Help!
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          mike_morearty Level 1
          Hmm, that's strange. Let's explore some things:

          - If you go to http://www.adobe.com, do you see the animated Flash app at the top of the page?

          - From there, if you right-click, is there a "Debugger" command in the context menu? (If there is, it will be grayed out, but that's fine, because the SWF on that page is not debuggable. I'm just wondering if the command is there at all.)

          - Also from that same page, if you right-click and pick "About Adobe Flash Player 9", which Flash player version does it tell you you have? It should say something like, "Version 9,0,X,Y installed successfully," inside the Flash app, and the same version number will also appear in a box labeled "Version Information." Please tell me the exact version number.

          - What browser are you using -- IE, Firefox, other? By the way, you can control which browser Flex Builder launches by going to the preferences, General, Web Browser. (This will be the web browser used by all of Eclipse any time it needs one, e.g. for help, etc.)

          - I assume you have JavaScript turned on in your browser, right?
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            mike_morearty Level 1
            Probably the easiest way to figure it out, by the way, would be to add some document.write() calls into the project's HTML template files, in order to figure out what went wrong. For example, open <myproject>/html-template/index.template.html in the text editor (right-click on it > Open With > Text Editor). Right after this part:

            var hasProductInstall = ...
            var hasRequestedVersion = ...

            try adding this:

            document.write(hasProductInstall + " " + hasRequestedVersion);

            Then, when you load the page in a browser, that will add a bit of text to the top of your page, e.g. "true true" or something like that; you now know which of those two conditions failed.

            Then, you can open the file html-template/AC_OETags.js (again, with right-click > Open With > Text Editor), and add similar document.write() calls into interesting places in those functions. In other words, debugging the old-fashioned way.
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              adonisa Level 1
              Thanks Mike! Regarding your inquiries -

              - I do see the animated Flash app on adobe site.
              - There is no Debugger in the context menu
              - I have 9,0,47,0
              - It won't run in IE (7.0.5730.11), but have just found that it runs fine in Firefox
              - JavaScript is turned on in both browsers

              Just as an additional note, the html ran fine when I was running Flex 2; this problem happened right after installation of Flex 3. A co-worker of mine has also just experienced the same problem on his Vista machine (but his XP machine with Flex 2 and 3 runs fine). I've also noticed problems on other sites as well (for example - watching movie trailers on yahoo doesn't work anymore).

              I will try your other suggestion as well.
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                mike_morearty Level 1
                Strange. I would have expected you to have the debugger player, since the Flex Builder installer installs that; but it sounds like you have the non-debugger player. (The "Debugger" context menu item is missing) Also, the beta shipped with a later Flash player, 9,0,60,120.

                When the installer runs, it asks whether to install the Flash player; did you leave that checked? (The installer has two checkboxes on the same screen -- one for IE and one for Firefox.)

                Of course, even if you still had the older Flash player, I can't see how that would have caused the problems you are seeing. But still, I'm just trying to look for anything out of the ordinary.

                Some more thoughts:

                - In Flex Builder, in the Project > Properties, Compiler tab, in the section on the HTML wrapper, what Flash player version number does it say to check for? Is it greater than or equal to the Flash player version number that you have installed?

                - Please try reinstalling the Flash player that came with the beta. Close IE. Then go to the directory in which Flex Builder was installed (probably "C:\Program Files\Adobe\Flex Builder 3" or somthing like that -- that's just a guess), and then look for the subdirectory "Player\win". In there, you will find "Install Flash Player 9 ActiveX.exe". Please run that. Then check the Flash player version number again.