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    Pulling filepath info from range of pdf's in folder, inserting into excel (VBScript)


      I can code getting page numbers and placing into an excel spreadsheet.  However I need a dialog to pop up asking for a folder path, then the code should count the number of pdf's in the folder and write the folder path to the first cell, number of .pdf's in the folder to the second cell, and then do a page count on each .pdf in the folder and writing them to each of the next cells.


      Note: I need to do this in VBScript, not JS.


      I know I can do this with a simple set of for...next loops and whatever the syntax is for pulling the pdf count in the folder and the file path info.  If someone could post a good vbscript reference for acrobat that would be all I'd need to get this done.  Or any syntax regarding ripping the filepath info and the count of a specific filetype in a folder would also help.


      The dialog box to ask the user to specify a folder will be the most difficult for me as I've never done this before, I know I can use an inputbox but I really need the user to have a folder view for this.