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      My case # is 181509737


      I got a reply from adobe saying there is no fix for this, but they ask several questions so they could help me resolve this. So I'm confused is there a fix for it or not. I've authorized 4 computers on ADE. When I tried to authorize a 5th computer I got the error message. According to the website you can authorize up to 6. I know they will prob reply within 24 hours but I just wondered if anyone else had this prob if they were able to fix it or not.


          Don't know waiting for reply. I got the same reply form them, but as reading other posts think they can 'fix' it internally. Sent an email to Jim Lester and hopefuly will hear back from him.  He seems to know what is happening.

            Jim Lester Level 4

            These cases typically take 3 to 5 days to clear.  You submitted your case yesterday.  If you submit your AdobeID you are using to authorize, and the full and complete text of the error message you will increase your chances that this will take 3 days, instead of 5 days or longer.

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              ewgeter Level 1

              did that this morning.  I actually got a reply from this this a.m. from last

              nights submittal.  So will see. Am forwarding on in separate email an email

              I just received.  have emailed back asking if it was for Astak.



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                naylorchic Level 1

                Thanks Jim,


                I did send my Adobe ID ,but did not send in the full text of the error(they didn't ask for that). I dont have my computer with me so  I couldn't  send that right now anyway.  I just answered the questions they asked me to the best of my knowledge. I really just wondered if it is fixable or not since the response they sent was kind of mixed on that. I'm assuming by your response that it is fixable so I'll just wait to see what the reply is. Thanks!!

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                  naylorchic Level 1

                  Hi Jim,


                  I received a reply Monday that my case "needs the attention of senior technical department at adobe", but haven't heard anything since. Do you know if they are still working on this? Thanks!

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                    Jim Lester Level 4

                    I just took a look and saw that the case was marked for you to close out, with a note that your activations had been reset yesterday.  I didn't see a note that they had notified you, but I only see things that are at least 12 hours old.  If you check your case status, there may be a note telling you that it should be fixed, regardless you should be good to go.

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                      ewgeter Level 1

                      HI, thanks for lettiung me know - support did send me a email which I

                      received right before yours.  However I have been in business since Monday -

                      by some unknown miracle.......



                      Really appreciate your being there - it is nice that there is a 'light' in

                      the window in times of complete and deep frustration.



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                        naylorchic Level 1

                        Thanks Jim! They it did update at 8:44 PDT yesterday (but a lot later my time). I couldn't really figure out how to close it. I just replied thanks. Hopefully they will close it on their end. Thanks again!

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                          Same error i have faced a month before and don't know how i could get rid from this problem. Then my friend give me suggestion to send a mail to the  Jim Lester. Now i have get rid form this problem 70-642 testking and have authorized 6 computers on ADE without any error. So you have to send the error if there is no way out ................ hope problem will be solve out.




                          70-649 testking ! testking 70-646