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    Starting point of a movieclip

    Bob_Robertson Level 1
      Got an interesting problem; it may not be solvable with existing tools.
      A coworker wants a 'scrub bar' for her flash animation, so that users can scan back and forth through it at their will, recap what confuses them, rewind, play, fast-forward, etc. I've seen this done in a couple places online, but when I investigate, I find that the movie that's being scrubbed is all on the timeline, and doesn't use any clips. My coworker's animation does use clips, and is far too massive to break each of them into its component frames to embed directly.

      So, my question is this: is there a way to tell at what timeline frame a given clip is instantiated? I figure that if I know that, and I know how long the clip is, I can calculate what frame the clip should be in if the timeline is at a certain frame. This should allow me to figure out recursively what frame every clip currently instantiated should be at, and so allow me to calculate the entire state of the animation knowing only the current frame of _root.

      Many Thanks,
      Bob Robertson