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    What laptop works the best with Premiere 8???


      I have a great laptop- HP with a 500GB harddrive.  Vista.

      However Premiere 4 started crashing, blue screen, shutting down in the middle of a project....so I ordered Premiere 8.

      doing the same.   Does anyone have a specific brand that Premiere 8 WILL WORK CONSISTENTLY with??????



      Dying for help here....



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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          We're having almost this same discussion a few threads down, Susan.



          As for brands of laptops, theyr'e generally not as important as configurations.


          Although a few brands are more consistently reliable:




          And one in particularly is notoriously trouble for many high-end programs.

          Sony VAIO


          Hope that helps.

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            the_wine_snob Level 9



            A BSOD is almost always a hardware issue. Some of the "usual suspects" are Heat Buildup, in several components, RAM chips malfunctioning, Power Supply failing (less likely in a laptop), HDD failing, MoBo failing.


            That is also about the order, that these problems will throw BSOD's.


            I'd download and install SpeedFan, to monitor the temps at every sensor in the computer. Just one fan slowing down, can cause the heat to build up to critical levels. A dust clogged vent can do it too.


            Next, I'd test the RAM very well.


            This ARTICLE will give you tips on utilities for troubleshooting.


            Next, when a system, or a program, crashes or hangs, there is often a breadcrumb trail left behind. This ARTICLE will give you tips on tracking down the clues, as to what is happening.


            One thing that one must consider is that NLE (Non Linear Editing) work is about the most intense operation, that one can run on a computer. It will point up weaknesses, that almost no other program will. A computer that runs word processing and databases beautifully all day, may come to its knees, just editing a few video clips.


            As for a laptop suggestion, I have had great service from my Sager. It started life as an extreme gaming computer, but I had it tweaked for NLE work, and it has served me very well. At the time I bought it, the max HDD size was 200GB, so I got 3 of those on a SATA II controller. I filled it with the max RAM for XP-Pro (my OS of choice, instead of Vista then), and the best nVidia video card, available. It was not cheap, but has been great. I also run it on a Zalman cooling pad. Even working outdoors in the AZ Summer has not been an issue, but I keep the fan ports very clean.


            I feel that 3x HDD's is the minimum for editing, but some do get by with 2x. Finding laptops that allow 3x HDD's is tough. Few builders will offer this.


            Good luck,



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              Susanraegolf Level 1

              So Sager will build you a computer correct?  Im new to this.... for Premiere 8 would you have a wish list to build this laptop that you could share with me?

              I have a HD Canon camcorder, and Premiere 8.  Movies would consist of jpegs, movie files and music.

              The crashing is killing me on this other laptop and I might can talk the bosses into buying a new Sager for me!

              Would you choose Windows 7?  or Vista?

              How big of a hard drive would they have available?

              Quad processor?

              4 gigs of Ram?


              Is it safer to get a desktop with specs as above?  Sager desktop too?

              thanks again for your help

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                Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                Can you be more specific about your camcorder?


                Is it HD as in hard drive DV or HD as in hi-def AVCHD? It can make a world of difference!

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                  the_wine_snob Level 9

                  Looking at the Sager site, they have a customizable 17" laptop, that will allow i7-980 CPU, 12GB RAM, 3x 640GB SATA II HDD's, nVidia high-performance video card, Win7-64 and some tweaks. If I were buying now, that would be the unit that I would go for.


                  They only build laptops, so desktops would have to come from elsewhere. I have a custom builder in Mesa, AZ, who does all of my workstations, but others like the HP workstations. I just like to be able to customize my computers 100% and not have to work around some company's specs.


                  Good luck,