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    'get me by' video card

    tshirnjeans Level 1

      Hey gang,


      I have purchased the following:


      Windows 7 64bit

      Asus P6tx58d premium

      Intel i7 930

      corsair hx 750 (850 not in stock anywhere)

      cooler master 690 II advanced

      velociraptor 300

      2 - I TB seagte 7200rpms

      coolermaster hyper 212 plus cpu cooler

      Asus DRW-24B dvd burner


      I have yet to buy the RAM and the video card.


      I'm running CS3 production premium and will be upgrading to CS5 when it comes out.


      I think I should buy a less than $200 video card to get me buy until CS5 gets all worked out, so my question is which under $200 card is the best bang for the buck to get me by until CS5 comes out.


      I will probably get 6gb of (3x2gb) Ram with a low latency for now, then get 6 more GB when CS5 comes out


      Thanks in advanced!

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          Harm Millaard Level 7

          Get a HD4650 or similar for a nice price (around € 50 here) untill you can decide whether it is worth is to go for a CUDA/MPE supported card.

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            Bill Gehrke Most Valuable Participant

            Do you happen to have any old PCIe graphics card around or available for you?

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              tshirnjeans Level 1

              thanks to you both for answers they're both helpful.


              I, sadly, don't have left-overs laying around. Whenever I upgrade, I usually give my old system to a family member or someone whining about needing a computer (my brother this time.) What comes around goes around!


              So I'm guessing the whole Cuda or not to Cuda (Nvidia or not to Nvidia) debate doesn't much matter in the CS3 world..correct? - at least in the system that I'm building before I purchase CS5?


              My currect old system has an 8800gt that has served me well, at least as much as I can tell...but my brother is drooling about getting the dual monitors so I cant steal that board and give him some POS.


              I guess I forgot to mention I'm working on two monitors currently.